July 18, 2024

JWA launches, Ship Evaluation and Analysis Service, POLARIS Report

POLARIS Report service screen: Speed and fuel efficiency in actual sea conditions

Japan Weather Association (JWA) will start the POLARIS Report ship assessment analysis service. That is a service that combines JWA’s POLARIS Forecast and POLARIS Hindcast services of the POLARIS Series weather and marine weather data service, with the ship’s operational data obtained through Fleet Data, a service provided by Inmarsat Global Limited.

The POLARIS Report uses ship operation data with meteorological and oceanographic data to assess and analyse the fuel consumption and propulsive performance of ships. This evaluation can also be used for the ‘Carbon Intensity Index (CII)’. JWA also provide proposals for improving operational efficiency using meteorological and oceanographic data, based on the evaluation and analysis of the POLARIS Report.

POLARIS Report service description:

Weather and Oceanographic Forecasts

The POLARIS Forecast’s weather and marine forecasts can be viewed from our dashboard. The POLARIS Report uses Inmarsat’s high-speed Fleet Xpress satellite communication service to ensure stress-free data reception and display even on-board ships.

CII evaluation, analysing speed and fuel efficiency performance.

This includes evaluating vessel performance on the actual sea conditions, calculating weather and sea conditions with past and current weather data, CII and other evaluation indicators verifying the effectiveness of fuel consumption reductions, and conducting detailed verification of individual voyages.

Proposals to improve operational efficiency with meteorological and oceanographic data.

Based on the evaluation of actual voyages, proposals for more efficient operations are made from the perspective of using meteorological and maritime data.

With the Japanese government’s goal of “net-zero GHG emissions” and the start of the CII, the collection of operational data is attracting increasing attention. By combining these operational data with POLARIS’ high-quality meteorological and oceanographic data to help reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from ships, JWA aims to contribute to building a sustainable society and ESG.




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