May 29, 2024

MaziMatic partners with Saitacard

Manpreet Singh Kohli “Mkay”, CFO of Saitacard
Manpreet Singh Kohli “Mkay”, CFO of Saitacard

MaziMatic, today announced its anticipated partnership with Saitacard, a renowned virtual crypto debit card, powered by ePayme, widely recognized for its tap-to-pay feature through Apple and Google Pay with a spending limit of USD 50K and no KYC. Representing a significant milestone in the fintech-crypto industry, the powerhouse collaboration between MaziMatic and Saitacard redefines the future of crypto debit cards.  

With limited access to traditional financial services, 1.7 billion people across the globe remain “unbanked,” thus hindering financial freedom for low-income individuals. Saitama, a web 3.0 technology company focused on simplifying and making decentralized finance (DeFi) safer for mainstream users, builds tools to make a living on crypto a reality. 

Mazimatic & SaitaCard logo
Mazimatic & SaitaCard logo

Saitacard, in partnership with ePayMe and Saitama, has emerged as a prominent crypto debit card providing unparalleled spending power to individuals worldwide. Supporting over 14 cryptocurrencies and with regulatory free reporting, Saitacard aims to change how people think about crypto assets and their usage. 

The collaboration will also highlight the bold and disruptive approach by MaziMatic to eliminate top-up fees. Traditionally, crypto debit cards charge top-up fees ranging from 1percent to 10 percent of the total amount. Integrating MaziMatic’s native token, USD Mazi (BNB), on Saitacard, eliminates the standard 3.5 percent fee and, in return, offers users a 5 percent bonus on every top-up.

Shifting towards a fee-free model creates new opportunities for incorporating cryptocurrencies into mainstream financial systems. To date, this does not exist among tokens, including Bitcoin-based debit cards, which offer this advantage to cardholders.

Karan Bhandari, CEO of MaziMatic, stated, “By eliminating fees on card top-ups, we aim to drive a change in the market, breaking barriers while creating financial freedom. In addition, our partnership with Saitacard aims to bring unparalleled value to users.”


Manpreet Singh Kohli “Mkay”, CFO of Saitacard, said ‘”We are thrilled to partner with MaziMatic, the pioneer in the multi-entertainment metaverse, to redefine the future of crypto debit cards. With Saitacard’s tap-to-pay feature, users can enjoy unparalleled spending power and financial freedom. Our collaboration eliminates top-up fees and offers a 5% bonus on every top-up, creating new opportunities for mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. With support for over 14 cryptocurrencies and seamless integration with popular payment platforms, Saitacard is revolutionizing the way people think about crypto assets and their everyday usage.”

Saitacard allows users to transact up to $50,000 daily, offering greater financial flexibility for day-to-day global transactions, except for North Korea and Iran. To further support Saitacard users, MaziMatic has established a dedicated 24/7 support team accessible via WhatsApp and Telegram.

Seamlessly enabling online and offline purchases, this innovative card integrates with popular payment platforms such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

To Apply, users need to either go on or download the app SaitaPro from Google Play store / Apple App Store and apply for the card. SaitaPro is a decentralized wallet like Trust Wallet and users can import their existing wallets on Metamask or Trust wallet into this or Simply create a New one.

The Saitacard can be purchased using USDT or using your Debit/credit card. Starting at USD99 with no annual maintenance fee and no other charges, this is by far the best crypto card in the market.


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