July 12, 2024

Exploring the Benefits of a Queue Management System

Exploring the Benefits of a Queue Management System
Image taken from official website of SEDCO

Gone were the days when you used to go to a shop, store, medical or educational institution, and offices, make the purchase or do the required tasks within minutes and make a swift exit. In recent times, long queues have become the norm of the day as there is a severe mismatch between the customer service department (counters or service executives) and the customers in purchase outlets and other facility centres.

However, companies such as SEDCO have balanced this mismatch by designing the Smart Queue Management System. This system, designed as per the needs of various business enterprises such as healthcare, real estate, educational institutions, hotels, and asset management, can streamline the long customer queues and ensure their waiting time is reduced. If needed, customers can even pre-schedule appointments to get a good experience.

In recent times, every business sector that tends to have long queues for their services has taken note of the long queue challenges, the reason being:

  • More than 50 percent of customers who need to wait long queues, may shift their loyalty to a new brand.
  • They may get the opinion that the concerned business owner is not interested in customer service and may never visit the establishment again.

This revelation has led to many businesses opting for the smart queue management system.

Innovation has become the order of the day. Investors and business conglomerates are ready to invest millions in a first-time entrepreneur who has a new business idea that can serve the target audience and generate billion-dollar revenue. So, for companies such as SEDCO, having a track record of more than a quarter of a century, they need to imbibe the recent technologies to its SEDCO queuing solution and keep updating the features as per the requirements of any industry.

Important features include:

  • Boosting the productivity of employees
  • Controlling the queues and providing cross-selling opportunities
  • Chat option to interact with the manager in case of an emergency
  • Customer feedback system to identify operation inefficiencies
  • Inclusion of features such as mobile queuing, ticketing kiosks etc

This year, SEDCO’s popular QMS won the prestigious Leading Queue Management Solutions Provider UAE 2023 Award from International Business Magazine, a befitting reward to the company’s software with state-of-the-art features that can be tailored to meet the requirements of various industries.

SEDCO group has introduced a new organisational structure to realize, identify opportunities and build momentum towards achieving its revenue targets. This change has led to the shifting of job profiles and new appointments in the group, to improve organisational agility and implement positive & quick decisions.

Article by Sathya Narayana B



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