June 23, 2024

Corporate Governance: Building strong foundations for success

Corporate Governance- Building strong foundations for success
Corporate Governance- Building strong foundations for success (Representational Image)

The Sturdiness of an institute’s foundations are greatly influenced by its corporate governance. The importance of developing a strong corporate culture with ideals of honesty, effective performance, and sustainable business has been underlined. A business house gets a significant competitive advantage with the assurance that the management is in sync with the needs of its resources and the stakeholders.

Corporate governance, to put it simply, is the structure that establishes business connections between a company’s shareholders, management groups, the Board of Directors, and all other significant stakeholders. Creating action plans, internal control systems, performance assessment, and corporate disclosure are all key components of corporate governance. Pointing customers in the direction of the company’s vision, integrity, and goodwill and establishing a connection between them and the community as well as investors, play a crucial role in an organisation.

Asia is quickly becoming the greatest market in the globe. Asia now accounts for more than half of all listed firms worldwide. The size of this transformation is changing the characteristics of the global financial market, which is also integrating more. Thailand, where publicly traded corporations (PLCs) have developed around the Public Limited Corporations Act, the Securities and Exchange Act, and the Civil and Commercial Code, has seen significant developments. These laws have given the Thai capital market its solid foundations, institutional structures, regulatory framework, and enforcement guidelines.

Corporate Governance
Representational Image

Unveiling Thailand’s Resilient Market in Asia

Thailand has made major reforms that have improved corporate governance, according to a recent analysis that examined the country’s corporate governance structure. According to the research, Thailand’s corporate governance changes have improved investor confidence, protected investors’ rights, particularly those of minority shareholders, boosted board professionalism, and encouraged high levels of corporate transparency. A notable example of top-tier progression in corporate governance is TPI Polene Public Company Ltd. The company’s concrete vision is what cements the relationship with their employees.

According to TPI Polene’s code of conduct, the board of directors, management, and employees at all levels are expected to act in a way that upholds integrity, morality, ethics, and awareness of the company’s reputation. Recently, the company announced a guidelines policy for employees in accordance with the Four Noble Truths and Four Sublime States of Mind. The company wants to achieve stable, sustainable, and elegant growth goals. All the policies and guidelines are defined, thus ensuring the clear working of the organisation.

International Business Magazine has awarded them the coveted title of Best Corporate Governance Company Thailand 2023 in recognition of their model behaviour. Taking this into account as a crucial component of their performance, TPI Polene Public continues to examine, update, and implement change within the company.


Effective implementation and enforcement of good governance practices is crucial, ideally through self-regulation and the voluntary acceptance of an ethical code of company conduct. In order to encourage both local and foreign investors to make sufficient investments in corporate enterprises, the business environment must be maintained and run in a way that fosters investor confidence. Rapid capital generation and steady economic expansion will be enabled by this.

Blog by Tamanna Shaikh



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