July 18, 2024

A Journey through the Jewel of Middle East

Miral Destinations
A Journey through the Jewel of Middle East (Representational Image)

The sparkling gem of the Middle East, United Arab Emirates (UAE) maybe the most well-known tourist destination in the area, but the country as a whole has a lot to offer. The United Arab Emirates is a true traveller’s paradise and a growing tourism hub, offering everything from immaculate beaches to futuristic skyscrapers and from old traditions to contemporary luxury. The vast deserts of the UAE offer thrilling adventures for those seeking an adrenaline rush. With its long stretches of pristine coastline, the UAE is a beach lover’s paradise. Whether you prefer the bustling shores of Dubai or the untouched beauty of Fujairah, there is a beach for every taste. Escaping the bustling cities and discovering the hidden gems of the UAE’s mountains and oases is the best weekend plan for many. The travel and tourism industry contributed AED 159.1 billion (USD 43.3 billion) or 12.1 percent of the UAE’s GDP in total. It is anticipated to increase by 4.9 percent annually to AED 264.5 billion (USD 72 billion), or 12.4 percent of GDP, in 2027.

The need for investment is particularly essential given that the government has launched new programmes to promote travel and tourism. More than AED 20 billion in investments were made in the travel and tourism industry, making up 7 percent of all investments. It is anticipated to increase by 11 percent annually over the following ten years, reaching around more than AED 70 billion in 2027, representing 11.2 percent of all investments.

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Arabian Splendour: Unearthing a Traveler’s Paradise

The United Arab Emirates’ economy heavily depends on tourism, which has both domestic and foreign components. It is a successful destination among the Gulf nations and has enjoyed the status of the leading tourist nation of the GCC (middle east). Several institutions are stepping forward to support the sector and are promoting change. The expansion of multiple organisations is also aided by the need to strengthen their historical and cultural foundations.

In the UAE, Miral Destinations has become the industry pioneer for marketing travel. Through the power of shared experiences, they bring people together and create a wealth of unforgettable memories. It is in charge of overseeing a number of locations. On Yas Island and in Abu Dhabi, it is constructing substantial land banks that will house lively communities with year-round leisure and entertainment activities.

The addition of Saadiyat Island and Yas Island is expected to change the city’s geographic centre and the lifestyles of both locals and visitors. The Yas Marina Circuit and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix are located on Yas Island. Acknowledging these revolutions, International Business Magazine crowned Miral Destinations with the title – Best Destinations Promoter UAE 2023.

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