June 23, 2024

PermianChain inks agreement with Ejada

PermianChain inks agreement with Ejada
PermianChain inks agreement with Ejada

In a move aimed at establishing robust, equitable energy systems, PermianChain Technologies Inc. (“PermianChain”) and Ejada Business for Energy (“Ejada”) have forged a transformative alliance to shape the future of renewable energy in Saudi Arabia and the broader GCC region. With an unwavering commitment to community well-being and unlocking natural wealth, this landmark agreement promises to revolutionize how renewable energy projects are developed and executed.

This monumental partnership, celebrated as a defining milestone by both companies, grants Ejada exclusive representation in Saudi Arabia for PermianChain’s innovative WealthTech platform-as-a-service. This platform offers sustainable finance opportunities and cutting-edge digital asset mining services. Ejada, a leading provider and developer of renewable energy services in the Saudi market, is poised to drive a substantial transformation within the regional energy sector.

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Abdulrahaman AlNimri, CEO of Ejada, stated, “Our steadfast commitment to strategically accelerate renewable energy in Saudi Arabia makes this partnership with PermianChain a pivotal step in maintaining Ejada’s competitive edge in regional energy system development. We aim to contribute significantly to economic and social growth.” Mr. AlNimri went on to emphasize that “the digital energy value chain, harnessed by the PermianChain platform, streamlines sustainable finance, offering new avenues for natural wealth creation and enabling unprecedented treasury optimization for both public and private sectors.”

PermianChain, known for its expertise in natural resource tokenization and digital asset mining, envisions itself as the gateway for investors and Web3 enthusiasts eager to participate in the burgeoning digital energy revolution. The PermianChain platform services are poised to unlock fresh opportunities for natural wealth creation. Mohamed El-Masri, founder and CEO at PermianChain Technologies, noted, “Our dedication to the PermianChain mission of building, managing, and operating a distributed digital energy market for decentralized compute applications has brought this partnership with Ejada in Saudi Arabia to fruition. We see promising opportunities in ambitious mega projects such as NEOM and smart cities, which rely heavily on AI and IoT technology, with increasing adoption of blockchain and digital assets in the region.”

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An Invest Saudi report revealed that the Saudi market’s data center industry is rapidly expanding, with an expected market size of USD 19 billion by 2030. The Kingdom’s plans to expand traditional data center capacity to over 1GW, involving capital investments of USD 11 billion into the sector, underline the immense potential of the market. Both PermianChain and Ejada are determined to pioneer Saudi’s digital asset and blockchain data center market, to establish a strong presence in the GCC region, paving the way for expansion into the broader Middle East and Africa. This endeavor is contingent upon obtaining the necessary regulatory licenses to operate PermianChain’s holistic WealthTech platform, offering sustainable investments and digital asset mining services.

As of this announcement, PermianChain and Ejada have plans to develop, construct, and operate an initial 25 MW solar power plant. A portion of the power generation capacity will be allocated to users of PermianChain Miner, creating an exclusive offtake opportunity for low-cost power to drive digital asset mining and compute applications. This innovative approach allows regional investors to actively participate in building equitable energy systems while optimizing treasury.

What distinguishes this partnership is its unyielding dedication to the communities where energy projects are based. By pioneering a strict approach that ensures energy is consumed where it’s produced, PermianChain and Ejada aim to foster local development, generate employment opportunities, and stimulate sustainable growth in often overlooked regions.

This transformative alliance embodies the broader global shift toward clean energy, decentralized power generation, and the empowerment of underserved areas. It stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in realizing a future where energy is equitable, sustainable, and accessible to all.




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