February 24, 2024

Revolutionising the Energy Renewables Industry

Image from the Green Urja Project; Taken from Orisun Invest website

With natural resources such as petroleum, coal, and water depleting due to the increase in human population, humans are left with no alternative but to source for renewable energy resources. The most common are tides, waves, wind, thermal energy, sunlight, rain, and biomass which are available at any place on Mother Earth. The mentioned resources can replenish themselves compared to the normal ones, which, once used, face depletion.

The global renewable energy market in 2020 was valued at more than 800 trillion USD and is slated to grow at a staggering rate of 8.4% CAGR till 2030. When it comes to the wind energy and solar energy markets, the market size was valued at more than 80 billion and 186 billion in 2022, respectively.

Countries such as China, the US, the UK, and even the European Union are supporting wind renewable energy reforms by either boosting investment or implementing them in five-year plans. With a shortage of renewable energy lurking around the corner, global countries are left with no option but to accelerate renewable energy projects as soon as possible.

Image from The Battambang Project; taken from Orisun Invest website

The global renewable energy market is spread across continents. The major challenge is to coordinate with people of different languages, cultures, government policies, permits, and regulations, whether they are investors, developers, or entrepreneurs. Orisun Invest’s main vision is to create a transparent, innovative, and professional environment where everyone wishing to make a contribution feels safe and secure in negotiations as well as in transactions.

The industry is still unorganized, which is why Orisun Invest launched an online platform in 2022. With a solid 5-year plan, they offer two solutions: the first is co-development, and the second is the sale as well as the acquisition of assets. They also offer a complete list of services ranging from origination, structuring, ready-to-build, greenfield, operating plants, and working on development stage projects.

The team at Orisun Invest has generated more than 630 MW in nearly eight countries and has succeeded in establishing business partnerships with leading companies such as Total Eren, Greening the Islands, and Total Energies. Their efforts have been recognised in the industry, and they have won  the Best Emerging Markets M&A Consulting Company UAE 2023 award from International Business Magazine.

The team at Orisun Invest does multi-tasks, such as

  • Structuring a project
  • Selling renewable energy assets by searching for investors
  • Acquiring assets on a global scale
  • Act as the perfect conduit between investors, project developers, and entrepreneurs.

It is well known that renewable energy sources are becoming the main reason for the reduction of emissions from combustible fuels in Europe and other countries. With the demand for renewable energy products being huge, there is no doubt that Orisun Invest is sure to make a positive impact on the business landscape.

Blog by Sathya Narayana B



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