April 23, 2024

WOW!HR GCC Award To Take Place on 15th May 2024 In Dubai, UAE

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WOW!HR GCC Award, a brand new award for HR professionals, will take place in Dubai, UAE on 15 May 2024.

WOW!HR Award has been running for almost a decade in different regions and countries such as Central Asia, Russia, and Armenia. WOW!HR Award is the most prestigious HR award in these countries. Among winners and nominees of the award are multinational corporations: Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, IKEA, BMW, PwC, AstraZeneca and hundreds of others.

WOW!HR GCC Award’s main goal is to showcase the best HR practices in the GCC region, celebrate HR professionals from the Gulf region who cultivate and personally contribute to the HR market, and make them well-known and appreciated in the international HR community.

If you are an HR professional from GCC, submit your HR project for WOW!HR GCC Award by 15 April 2024 and let the community know about your outstanding work!

You can also buy a ticket to the Award ceremony and learn about the best HR practices in GCC companies.

The early bird offer stands until 15 March 2024. Don’t miss a unique opportunity to participate in the Award for a special price.

Schedule a meeting with our team and get all the details! For any inquiries contact: gcc@wowhr.global.

For more insights on the event and other details, visit the link: – https://gcc.wowhr.global/



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