May 28, 2024

Hub71 Forges Partnership With Stride Ventures to Bolster Abu Dhabi SME Innovation

Hub71 and Stride Ventures will work together to identify global startups operating across sectors of economic importance- Image courtesy-Hub71

Hub71, Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem, and Stride Ventures, a globally prominent venture debt fund, have recently forged a partnership to drive innovation, foster entrepreneurship, and support the growth of startups in Abu Dhabi.

Through this partnership, Hub71 will leverage Stride Ventures’ expertise, to provide startups with access to capital and mentorship opportunities required to scale their ventures to new heights. In parallel, Stride Ventures will be a valuable capital partner for Hub71, offering alternative financial solutions and support through venture debt, which complements traditional equity funding.

Stride Ventures will also offer comprehensive mentorship programs, offering startups with the guidance they need to navigate the complexities of business expansion.

Ahmad Ali Alwan, CEO of Hub71

Ahmad Ali Alwan, CEO of Hub71, stated: “Our partnership with Stride Ventures is important towards growing our capital ecosystem through providing resources and access to investments that startups can leverage to scale globally. Working with Stride Ventures will unlock new potential in the region, aligning with our goals to position Abu Dhabi at the forefront of global innovation and entrepreneurial growth.”

Ishpreet Gandhi, Founder and Managing Partner of Stride Ventures

Ishpreet Gandhi, Founder and Managing Partner of Stride Ventures, commented, “We are excited about this collaboration with Hub71, which aligns perfectly with our mission to support high-potential startups. The UAE’s tech ecosystem is brimming with potential, and together with Hub71, we aim to fuel the growth of innovative companies, providing them with the financial resources and guidance they need.”

Industry sources added that Hub71 and Stride Ventures will work in harmony together to identify global startups operating across sectors of economic importance, to set up their operations in Abu Dhabi. Through a shared commitment to support startup growth and accelerate innovation, the partnership will aim to attract global startup talent and solidify the UAE’s position on the world stage as the destination of choice for entrepreneurs and innovators.


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