May 28, 2024

Fils And Aion Announces Partnership To Integrate ESG Principles

Fils and Aion announce strategic partnership which is focused to set new standards in sustainable finance across Middle East Financial Firms
Nameer Khan, CEO of Fils. Image courtesy: Fils

Fils, a pioneering force in climate-positive transactions, empowering businesses of all sizes to embed climate-positivity into transactions using their APIs, announces a strategic partnership with Aion, a leader in digital banking solutions.

Industry sources added that this groundbreaking partnership focuses on setting new standards in sustainable finance, leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive meaningful change in the financial industry across the MENA region.

Industry sources added that Fils and Aion will work to deliver a range of initiatives for banking clients, including ESG scoring systems, sustainable investment platforms, and green financial products, designed to aid in sustainable economic growth and social welfare. These initiatives are poised to launch in the coming months, with both companies working closely to ensure their success.

Nameer Khan, CEO of Fils stated “This partnership with Aion represents a pivotal step forward in our mission to help banks embed ESG values at the core of financial services. Together, we are poised to introduce innovative solutions that will empower consumers and businesses alike to make more informed, responsible financial decisions that are not only good for customers but for the planet as well.”

“Equipping banks with the necessary fintech infrastructure to roll out ESG-centric services lays the groundwork for fostering both environmental and financial health throughout the Middle East” added Nameer Khan. “Our enthusiasm for this venture is amplified by our work with Aion Digital, whose steadfast commitment to climate action mirrors our own.”

Ashar Nazim, Aion Group CEO

Ashar Nazim, Aion Group CEO, also expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating ‘Today we launch our ground-breaking Green APIs from Aion platform. People and businesses in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the larger MENA region can now conveniently spend, save, and transact in a manner that is beautifully aligned with their ESG values. Joining forces with Fils will accelerate this momentum.”

Industry sources further added that this partnership displays just one of the significant strides Fils has made in the ESG fintech sector since launching five months ago. Following a focus on first ensuring market connectivity is established, Fils has displayed remarkable growth and a significant impact on the climate infrastructure market. Fils has successfully inked deals with leading financial institutions across almost every country in the MENA region, facilitating the delivery of ESG-focused solutions to millions of customers. 

Fils’s impressive roster of top-tier partners includes notable names such as Mashreq Bank, Telr, Cashin, and e& Enterprise, among others. This rapid expansion and collaboration underscores Fils’s commitment to integrating ESG principles into financial services, further cementing its reputation as a trailblazer in the space.

Industry sources further affirmed that additionally, Fils’s innovative approach to climate-positive transactions has garnered recognition, being listed as one of the top climate tech companies to watch in the Middle East by esteemed organizations like PwC and Arabian Gulf Business Insight. 




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