July 19, 2024

Beyon inks agreement with LigaData

The partnership was signed by Beyon Chief Technology Officer Saurabh Gupta and LigaData CEO Bassel Ojjeh. Image Courtesy Beyon
The partnership was signed by Beyon Chief Technology Officer Saurabh Gupta and LigaData CEO Bassel Ojjeh. Image Courtesy Beyon

Beyon has entered into a partnership with LigaData, to develop a cutting-edge Data Lakehouse which will serve as a centralised repository for all of Beyon Group’s data. The strategic initiative is designed to future proof Beyon’s data infrastructure while leveraging the many benefits of advanced cloud technologies.

The partnership was signed by Beyon Chief Technology Officer Saurabh Gupta and LigaData CEO Bassel Ojjeh at Beyon’s Headquarters in Hamala, Bahrain. Beyon CEO Mikkel Vinter, Batelco Chief Technology Officer Rashed Mohamed, LigaData COO Khaled Jaouni and other senior executives from both parties were also in attendance at the signing event.

The Data Lakehouse, powered by LigaData, will bring together structured and unstructured data, from various sources across the company into a single platform, enabling Beyon to create a holistic view of the business. The hybrid Data Lakehouse technology combines the flexibility of a data lake with the structure of a data warehouse enabling organisations to develop data & AI applications faster while enhancing data governance. In addition to the core deployment, LigaData will also develop a number of AI-powered applications focused on key business use cases to support Beyon’s efforts to deliver personalised services to its customers.

Beyon and LigaData logo

Beyon Chief Technology Officer Saurabh Gupta said, “We are delighted to partner with LigaData and take our data infrastructure to an advanced level of efficiency and reliability. We selected LigaData for our Data Lakehouse platform because of their cloud-native capabilities, proven Data Fabric product and their high-quality enterprise support.”

“The future proof product will ensure scalability and adaptability to meet our evolving data needs. The cloud native service will support Beyon’s Data and AI plans by boosting agility and innovation across the group of companies.”

“Furthermore, the insights generated from the platform will enable us to develop enhanced and relevant services for our customers based on their preferences,” Mr. Gupta added.

LigaData CEO Bassel Ojjeh said, “We are thrilled to partner with Beyon on this transformative journey. The comprehensive view provided by the Lakehouse platform will help Beyon to extract valuable insights about their  customers’ behaviour, preferences, and needs.”

“Our Lakehouse Hybrid Cloud will not only enhance Beyon’s data capabilities but also drive innovation and operational excellence across their diverse group of operating companies,” Mr. Ojjeh concluded.




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