A Digital Cooperation Organization launched with the support of Five Nations united together

A global organization that is aimed for bolstering the cooperation across all the innovation driven places as well as in swifter expansion of digitalized economy was lauded by numerous Senior Government Officials from various nations patronized the launch of Digitalized Cooperation Council (DCO) on Thursday. The event was attended by dignitaries across the globe and specifically by H.E. Houlin Zhao ITU Secretary General as well as H.E. Borge Brende, President, World Economic Forum.

The DCO is the organization that is founded with the support of Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan as well as Saudi Arabia. It is hugely focussed on the Vision for realization of digitalized future for all through empowerment of women, youth as well as entrepreneurs, expanding the digitalized economic shift as well as advancing with aid of innovation.

The Saudi Arabia’s Minister Of Communications as well as Information Technology H.E. Abdullah Amer Al-Swaha stated that “They are joining hands together towards a commitment for driving consensus via digitalized cooperation for making sure that they can definitely seize the golden opportunity for their youth, our women as our entrepreneurs with the ambition for expansion of their accumulated digitalized economy for One Trillion dollars within the next 3-5 years. He further stated that their future affluence would depend upon the digital economy. However, it could reach its final potential if alone they are all able to aid the governments to collectively work together with the businesses, as well as entrepreneurs, hence, they could survive as well as thrive, expansion of their depth into current markets as well as provide access to everyone within the latest ones.”

Jordan’s Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, stated “This is huge vital step for ensuring that their digitalized economies are innovative as future-proof. For creation of sustainable shift, they cannot work within Silos, this will be a collective as well as global collaboration. This is wherein their digitalized journeys interconnect from where they can learn as well as aid one another, wherein, it would also prove beneficial by opening up access for their youth as well as sectors for benefitting the overall efforts.”

The preliminary launch and core step of DCO follow up the conclusion of Saudi Arabia’s G20 Presidency for maintaining the nation’s impetus regard propelling the expansion of digitalized economy across the territory as well as global arena, as all nations everywhere are in pursuit of upsurge their overall adoption for remotest learning, telemedicine, contact less economic system. It also aids them to survive as well as in striving harder beyond social as well as economic COVID-19 Impact.

Bahrain’s Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications H.E. Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed stated further that “The Bahrain Kingdom is very pleased to be one of the founder members for such an active initiative viz Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO). They thank kingdom of Saudi Arabia for such an initiative and that they are hugely trusting their initiative and that DCO will aid in its members for responding as well as in adaptation for an agile as well as swifter ever-shifting dynamic digital Scene. As they have taken steps at a national level to influence ICT technologies to boost government efficiency and processes, the Kingdom of Bahrain also believes that nurturing native and global collaboration is a valuable extension to their national efforts.”

Depending upon the digitally-aimed charter, the DCO greets participation as well as guidance regard the private arena, global organizations as well as non-governmental organizations and the academic arena.

The founding members of the DCO have also merged forces to begin the organization motivated via their shared interests concerning the digital economy that can only be realized over collaboration.

“They believe that the DCO will offer Kuwait a boundless opportunity to further develop its national digitalized agenda as well as to further evolve the global digital agenda,” H.E. Salim Al-Ozainah, Chairman and CEO of Kuwait’s Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority, stated.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, H.E. Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi further announced that: “Pakistan is privileged to be a founding member of the Digital Cooperation Organization and to toil closely with their partners to leader and shift through a global digital agenda.” H.E. Omar Sultan Al Olama United Arab Emirates Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications On this occasion, commented, “They congratulate the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Al Saud, his Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud, and their fellow brothers and sisters, the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for launching the Digital Cooperation Organization, and they praise this stage in progressing digital transformation, which will support the comprehensive technology sector. The adoption of both evolving and advanced technologies around the world will provision global efforts in creating a justifiable and bright future for all of humanity”.


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