ACE Travel Management produces an invaluable guide to help businesses get back to travel.


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As COVID restrictions are lifting and the world is opening back up again, businesses are keen to get back to travelling. Whether it’s to train a new team of employees, collaborate on a large, inter-departmental project, or pitch to a brand-new client — nothing beats being face-to-face to get the job done.

However the pandemic has undoubtedly changed the face of travel. And navigating the fluctuating rules and regulations can be frustratingly time-consuming. That’s why finding the perfect Travel Management Company (TMC) is crucial in this post-COVID era. To that end ACE Travel Management have produced an all-new guide offering insight on how to choose the right TMC for the new age of travel.

In their guide ACE cites four factors to help businesses weigh up potential TMC partners: price, policy, sustainability and service.

When evaluating TMC options, getting value for money is a top priority for companies. But value doesn’t always mean the cheapest. Instead, ACE implores businesses to start looking at what kind of ROI they will get out of the money they invest. A TMC that is serious about helping businesses grow by giving them tangible ROI – as well as finding cost-effective solutions to meet budget and flexibility requirements – is going to be the most effective partner.

A strong, cohesive travel policy that aligns with revenue growth objectives, sustainability goals and travellers’ well-being is an absolute must for successful business travel. Add to that the need for flexibility, to take into account the fluctuating COVID travel restrictions, and the task of writing a travel policy can become overwhelming. Getting the right TMC on board will save a lot of hassle because they’ll have the experience and know-how to define the perfect policy.

Finding a TMC that incorporates planning for sustainability into a business travel programme is going to be essential moving forward. ACE encourages businesses to ask TMCs whether they have advanced CO2 reporting capabilities. And if they are capable of analysing travel data, identifying areas where a carbon footprint can be reduced and help businesses reach their sustainability goals.

ACE suggests businesses look for TMCs that will allocate them one dedicated point of contact; a real person in-house, not an automated help desk. Enlisting the services of a TMC that can deliver a personal service is of utmost importance. Businesses being able to deal with someone they know on a first-name basis and who cares about their company as much as they do is a sure path to success.

Sarah Wilson, CEO of ACE Travel Management hopes the new guide can bring exactly that, success for companies aiming to get their business travel back on track:

“Choosing the right TMC is essential for so many businesses’ success right now – in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic – and in the future.”

She continues, “We hope this guide helps to make that decision far less daunting and that it helps businesses find a TMC that not only suits them but enhances their enterprise as a whole as well.”

About ACE

ACE Travel was formed in 1992 and specialises in providing a comprehensive Business Travel Management service to the corporate sector in London and the South East through its offices in Brentwood, Essex and London. The company has over 300 corporate clients in a wide range of industry sectors and is the official UK partner for the esteemed ATG travel network, one of the largest, independently owned travel management companies in the world.

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