AI (Artificial Intelligence) On the Brink Of Creating New Possibilities For Personalization This Year And In Near Future

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in tandem with cross-industry collaborations are generating in more unique avenues for the data collection as well as in offering up of personalized services to the customer this year.
  • As per the latest report titled “14 Trends Shaping Tech” from CB Insights, few other technology trends that are hot picking up this year are: –
  • Convergence of the smart home and healthcare.
  • Autonomous vehicles coming for last-mile delivery and
  • Data is becoming a hot-button geopolitical issue.

The report also stated that “With the advent of technology and result of the tech-savvy generation aging up, one will see the smart homes beginning acting as a kind of in-home health aide, monitoring senior citizens’ health and well-being. Apart from the fact that it will also bring out a whole transformation in and drive experiment with the logistics players moving finally beyond the human driver.”

It also added that “They’ll see cross-industry collaborations, whether or not via ancestry-informed Spotify playlists or a limited edition Fortnite game skins.”

In Sept 2018, Spotify partnered with to utilize DNA data, thus making effective utilization and thereby create distinctive playlists for different individuals.

Playlists mirror music coupled to totally different ethnicities and regions. An individual with ancestral roots in Bengaluru, for instance, may see regional violinists and essential film songs on their playlists.

The DNA information is additionally informing how we tend to eat. GenoPalate, for instance, collects DNA information through the saliva-based samples and analyses physiological elements like an individual’s ability to soak up bound vitamins or how briskly they’ll metabolize nutrients.

From there, it matches this data to nutrition analyses that it’s conducted on an excellent varied sample of the food and suggests an individualized diet. It conjointly sells its meal kits that use this data to project menus.

The report also stated that “We’ll conjointly see technology brands expand on the far side their core merchandise and switch themselves into a lifestyle.”

For example, as electrical vehicle users ought to expect their batteries to charge for anyplace from half an hour to 2 hours, the manufacturers of those vehicles try to show this idle time into an asset.

China’s NioHouse has couples charging stations with several activities. At the NioHouse, a user will visit the library, drop youngsters off at childcare, co-work, and even visit a nap pod to rest whereas charging.

Nio has conjointly partnered with tailor Hussein Chalayan to launch and sell a fashion line, Nio Extreme.

Tech firms nowadays also are trying to bridge the gap between domain and therefore, the career market.

Companies just like the Lambda faculty and iron faculty supply courses to coach students on precisely the skills they’re going to ought to get employment, previous the report.

These apprenticeships primarily specialize in school skills like technology and cryptography. Coaching comes with the express goal of employment, and students solely ought to pay their tuition once they need landed employment that pays them on top of a precise vary.

Investors also are looking at the increase of digital product, whereas, these products can’t be in hand within the physical world, they are available with clout, and supply personalization and in-game experiences to otherwise one-size-fits-all characters, the analysis showed.