Ayana Holding, Marsan Real Estate Group Form New Property Venture for $1.6 Billion Development in Florida

Image credit: - Ayana Holding - BellaViva

Partnership opens up attractive investment opportunities for GCC investors

Dubai, UAE – 10 March 2021: Dubai-based Ayana Holding announced that it has formed a joint venture with Florida’s Marsan Real Estate Group to develop an exciting new project, BellaViva at Whispering Hills, in the United States. The partnership will allow Ayana to establish its presence in North America and help Marsan to expand into a wider market, offering investors from GCC countries and around the world new attractive investment opportunities in a thriving housing market.

Perfectly located in the most spectacular area and the heart of Florida, Leesburg, the BellaViva at Whispering Hills project is worth USD 1.6 billion. Complete with golf courses, restaurants, shopping malls, a medical clinic, boutique hotel, spa, hospital, and commercial space, the unique development is ideal for either a permanent relocation or a luxury vacation.

Comprising 5,500 luxury homes across 1,800 acres of pristine land, hills, lakes, nature reserves, and an equestrian center, BellaViva is expected to be the fastest-growing community for retirees and seasoned investors.

Image from left to right Abdullah Bin Lahej (Chairman of Ayana Holding), Hamid Kerayechian (CEO, of Ayana Holding), Jean Marsan (Founder of Marsan Real Estate Group)

Ayana Holding, which is an internationally recognized real estate eco-system provider, seeks to propel thriving local and international businesses by joining forces, offering an extensive scope of quality services and expertise. Ayana Holding’s powerful network of companies will be at the forefront of the new project. VX Studio will be handling the designing and master planning with further involvement from Brand Capital Creative Agency working on all marketing and creative initiatives, Ayana Properties involved in selling properties for Marsan Real estate group, Xplor (digital technology), and Ayana Capital (investment platform).

Jean Marsan, founder of Marsan Real Estate Group, is one of the most influential players in the Southeast. With over 40 years’ experience, he has amassed a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the Florida market and holds a strong reputation for top-quality homes, high-end constructions, a good quality-price ratio, and the development of beautiful communities. Unsurprisingly, Marsan Group’s clientele is composed of mainly wealthy retirees and seasoned investors.

“2021 will be a huge turning point for us,” Jean Marsan explains, “with the second largest segment of the population, the ‘baby-boomers’, reaching 65 years old”. Aside from the tax-friendly environment, the year-long sunshine, and being the theme-park epicenter of the world, it appears that environmental and social changes have had a huge impact on Florida’s population and economic development.

“Although we are not aware of the sole reason for a continuing strong momentum in Florida’s housing market, we believe that a combination of factors including the Hispanic population boom, pro-economic government, and the reputation of being one of the top five tax-friendly states are at play as well,” Jean added.

Notably, the coronavirus pandemic has played a key role in driving an upturn in the southeasternmost state’s real estate market, with an increase of almost 250,000 residents between July 2019 and July 2020.* Job and lifestyle changes are causing people to rethink and move from urban to rural areas for improved quality of life and lower cost of living.

In Florida alone, property prices have risen by 6.61% since former President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency last March.** Thus, it is estimated that by 2030, the average house price in Florida will reach $437,921, putting it in the top ten states ahead of New York and New Hampshire, with a population increase of 6 million over the decade.**

Ayana Holding and Marsan Real Estate Group have joined forces in order to open up the opportunities in a part of the world that see an influx of GCC and international investors who are looking to diversify their property portfolios with high-quality developments and incredible future potential.

*According to new U.S. Census Bureau data.

**According to new research by Renofi


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