B2Broker Establishes Physical Presence in Gulf Region with Opening of Dubai Office


B2Broker is an established technology and liquidity provider with a firm foothold in the FX and Crypto online trading sector across Europe and Asia. The company has just announced the opening of its Dubai office to accelerate its expansion plans across the Gulf region.

B2Broker is a well-known technology and liquidity provider to the Forex and Crypto industry, servicing a growing range of clients including individual investors, large licensed brokers, banks, hedge funds and professional managers worldwide.

An emerging name in the Gulf region, B2Broker has just announced the opening of it’s long awaited office in Dubai, sealing its long-term commitment to the region. This follows an unprecedented influx of business, leading to the decision that a physical presence in the region was necessary in order to better serve its clients.

The office is now fully operational with several employees already working there and others in the process of relocation. The company’s new office is located at: 22nd Floor, BB1 Business Center Tower, Mazaya, Business Avenue, JLT, Dubai with office hours from 10:00 – 19:00 local time Monday- Friday. Meetings can be arranged by prior appointment.

In conjunction with the office opening, B2Broker has also re-confirmed its commitment to expanding business in the region with a key presence at two important Dubai expos – FX Expo Dubai on 19th & 20th May and The Forex Expo Dubai on 29th – 30th September, 2021. The expos are an ideal venue for company representatives to meet with new clients and establish new business in the region.

Global Growth and Expansion into the Gulf Region

A brief history of B2Broker reveals that the company started out in 2014 in St Petersburg, Russia. Fast forward 6 years and B2Broker is now an established full-service provider with over 165 employees worldwide. The company has secured some of the most well-known global clients in the financial services industry, with over 350 institutional customers to date.

The Gulf region is one of the fastest growing financial hubs in the world, partly due to its population which has a high-income level, as well as having an abundance of individuals searching for investment ideas. The favourable conditions that exist, especially in Dubai, have attracted many brokers and fintech companies to the market, creating a huge demand for related technology and liquidity services. The aim now is to develop further long term relationships with clients and partners in the region.

B2Broker Products and Services

As B2Broker seeks to actively expand into the Gulf region, the company is pleased to offer an impressive range of products and services to potential clients. The company is aware that there is a huge forex and crypto market in the region that is evidently underserved by good liquidity and technology providers. That’s where B2Broker can step in with its large range of solutions that are ideal for both large and small financial institutions.

The company’s advanced base of ready to use technical solutions enable brokers to save time and money on consuming infrastructure projects and focus on enlarging their client base and increasing their revenues. Its range of products and services include: Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, Cryptocurrency Liquidity, Forex Liquidity, CFD Liquidity, Forex Broker Turnkey, Crypto Broker Turnkey, Crypto Payment Gateway, B2Core (Trader’s Room and Back Office Software), Investment Platform and MT4 / MT5 White Label solutions.

Why Work With B2Broker?

B2Broker is an established company which is very strong both from an operational viewpoint, and in terms of the extent of products and services offered. The company works hard to deliver a full suite of technology and liquidity solutions to meet every single need imaginable, all of which can be tailored to individual requirements.

When customers choose B2Broker, they know that as the leading provider of technology and liquidity solutions, and that the company is able to offer them exactly what they need as they fully understand the business to the core.

Besides having the broadest range of products and services in the industry, the company’s clients can rest assured that when working with B2Broker, they will be amongst 350+ satisfied institutional clients with access to over 800 trading instruments, 7 asset classes, with the lowest commissions in the industry and 24/7 technical support.

B2Broker is in the business of helping its clients set up their own businesses or providing them with solutions to help boost or improve their operations. Many clients approach the company to address needs arising from the challenges they may be facing. For example, a client may wish to set up a crypto brokerage, but it’s common knowledge that setting up a brokerage from scratch can present obstacles such as a big financial commitment, technical know-how, legal costs, specialised staff, and more. B2Broker helps them overcome these challenges by providing a cost-effective turnkey solution which will save them thousands of dollars, and what’s more, the time taken for set up is greatly reduced. It is far more effective to use an experienced fintech company rather than attempting to do all the IT-infrastructure yourself.

A Trusted Partner

In this line of business, trust is of paramount importance. B2Broker is part of an industry governed by strict regulations and this sets the tone for the way in which the company conducts its business. Hence, from the offset, its clients know that they are dealing with a fully legitimate and licenced technology and liquidity provider, and one with several years standing and a strong reputation in the industry.

In terms of maintaining a trusted relationship with them, B2Broker works with its clients at each stage of the project and for a productive and successful outcome, a relationship built on trust is essential. B2Broker is trusted by its clients not only because of its industry knowledge and reputation, but also because after they come on board, the team works with them, keeping them in the picture every step of the way. Even in the event that any issues arise, the B2Broker team is are always upfront and works with its clients to resolve any problems. The company’s many testimonials will vouch for its trustworthiness and professionalism in the way it handles its clients.

B2Broker is highly enthusiastic about its expansion into the Gulf region. The company’s CEO & Founder Arthur Azizov commented, “I am excited that we are now able to serve our clients in the region from our new Dubai office. The Gulf region offers excellent business opportunities and we look forward to speaking with new clients in this prosperous region, as well as strengthening our position on the whole as a global leader.”

Omar Al-Ali, Business Development Manager added, “I am looking forward to developing our client-base in the Gulf. We are able to offer many opportunities to prospective clients with our solutions, enabling them to go on to offer their own customers a complete home-grown solution. With our know-how and experience, we’re ready and able to start working with them right away.”

Contact B2Broker Potential clients wishing to set up a forex or crypto broker, cryptocurrency exchange or who have any other technology or liquidity requirements are welcome to contact us to arrange an informal chat or meeting.

Alternatively, please visit us at iFX Expo Dubai or The Forex Expo Dubai or visit the company website here.


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