Bahrain has leapfrogged Muscat, Oman, etc. to be at the elusive third spot behind technology hub space leaders Saudi Arab and Abu Dhabi to be the next greener, smarter technology hub destination in the MEA (Middle East Arab) regions. According to Khalid Al Rumaihi, chief executive of the Economic Development Board, “Bahrain has a steady growth and its progression can be well defined as it has seen immense potential and growth for the past two to five years as from just 14 international tech companies in 2016, it has risen to 88 smart and greener tech companies within 2018.” The sectors in this surge include Banking, Cryptocurrency, Fintech, Energy, SME’s, Transport, etc that belongs mainly from Kuwait, US, UK, Japan, India, and Denmark.

The infrastructural surge, depleting natural gas, mineral resources, digital economic strategy 2030, the emergence of strong global PPP (Public-Private Participation) strategy, etc have pushed Bahrain to improvise, seek steady progression in the upbringing of huge IT, Automated Industrial units within the region. As per these ecosystem developments, it is influencing the present generation to adapt to the changes, develop and hone in their skills and donning better positions/roles.

  • Coding, programming, Developers, Artificial Intelligence sector, gaming, New Tech start up’s, etc are vital industries wherein these youngsters are shaping their career path.
  • According to Mr. Al Rumaihi, Amazon web service group are in relentless pursuit to build up a strong global infrastructural hyper-scale hub to nurture best talents for the regions tectonic shift.
  • This first of its kind of tech infrastructure is not just based to serve just gulf or middle eastern region customers, but as to help all global customers. As well this infrastructure would be economical, backed with competitive cutting-edge broadband technology, as well powered with AI (Artificial Intelligence) servers and chipsets.
  • Mr. Al Rumaihi, also addressed a speech at World Economic Forum held on Davos-Switzerland attended en-mass by more than 3000 dignitaries including global leadership tycoons, entrepreneurs, CFO’s, CEO’s etc to held a common platform discussion of how to transform in leading economies with support of leading technologies like automation, AI, IOT (Internet of Things) and advanced robotic technology.
  • This move will thus provide a broader shift in Bahrain to go for economic cloud computing technology that will enable to create better IT infrastructure, reliable, innovative data management within different inter-intra sectors.
  • Mr. Al Rumaihi, also stated that Bahrain is committed to innovate, diversify and expand its non-oil resources including IT sector regardless of the depleting oil, natural gas, hydrocarbon reserves soon.
  • He as well added that through their oil and natural gases are depleting, yet they have a vast stockpile of Oil, Hydrocarbon, mineral ore-based abundant resources that takes millions of years to get extracted/extinct completely.

Mr. Al Rumaihi, also adds that though Bahrain is all committed to doing anything to expand non-oil sector, the only concern he fears is that the overall technology ecosystem cannot scale up in entire Gulf region due to region wise expansions and mentality. He gives an illustration of how European countries, Chinese tertiary have an integrated, innovative channel of technology companies including several start-up entities.

Hence, he urges to all Middle Eastern countries to integrate and work together to expand emerging markets and access different fragment of sectors. Bahrain also encourages all Middle East countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arab, Abu-Dhabi, Muscat, Oman, and even MENA (the Middle East North American) countries to integrate and work together for achieving overall technological supremacy.


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