There was a time when the only aspects of technology considered were the hardware and the software. For over a decade it occupied the tech savvy minds until the advent of “Cloud Computing”. Cloud Computing frontier is known to become more dynamic and economical with the advent of Blockchain Technology also hyped as “Younger sibling of Cloud Computing”. Blockchain Tech is hugely making inroads specifically after Cryptocurrencies. Unlike the cloud space which is fragmented and limited to a few big names like Google, Amazon Inc, HP, IBM Blockchain as a decentralised ledger data peer to peer network will look to make it reach out more at an economical platform. As Blockchain Tech is just in its infant stage, wherein the cloud space is already at its pinnacle, there is absolutely no comparison between the two siblings.

Yet the Blockchain Cloud Space will be a reality in near future, in fact tech analysts at IBM Inc suggest that 

  • Powering the Cloud Space to a different dimension: The Amalgamation of both Blockchain and Cloud space, will lead to a powerful, dynamic, safer Cloud environment that is not just
  • Decentralised data ledger mining system
  • Safer and reliable verifiable platform that can even be verified and computed at ease without any further encryption standards thus making it a huge instant hit amongst technology driven space.
  • Elimination of Third-Party threats or Middlemen: – Block-cloud space will eliminate the possible threats by third party servers or middlemen and thus the data accessed is free from Virus and worm attacks. The Encrypted decentralised channel with help of specific Nodes, Internodes and chain-based algorithm structure also negates the possible threats from any other third-party applications or server.
  •  Mitigating Data Redundancy and loss: Block cloud space since is built on a decentralised data ledger platform viz the data being broken into smaller chunks stored in various connected nodes, and encrypted using cryptographic hash functions can lead to mitigate the losses of data or duplication in case there is any issue
  • to a particular node as the master node would still function, thus resulting in usage of only data as and when its required and storing the other for the time being. 
  • It’s very unlikely that the master node would be affected in case of any emergency situation and even if it happens, the primary Nodes can support the data functioning for time being without affecting the operations unlike in a system sans block cloud technology. Thus, in other words data can be accessible through multiple locations even if any damage is located at a particular data Nodes or Internodes.
  • Growth of an economical safer data mining and storing platform: Block-cloud tech space uses a lesser space than most cloud platforms during data computing and since it uses a node and internodes communication platform, statistics state that in near future Block-cloud will be more economical than the cloud space which must at least use a terabyte of cloud space which is a bit heavier on budget. So it is not affordable for common use and hence only limited to tech companies.  Hence there is no doubt that the Block Cloud will be this era’s most sought technological game changer ever. It also states that The Blockchain Tech goes hand in hand with the Cloud space and therefore its apt to predict that Blockchain Technology is illusion for a Next Gen Cloud Invention.