Creation of a future based industrial hub mandate offered for the Dubai Industries & Exports


The agency would be primarily on focus basically upon the post-pandemic requirements for the industries as well as the launchpad of forthcoming phase of Dubai’s Industrial Strategy 2030.

As per the government, the Dubai Industries as well as the Exports have been offered up a mandate for progression of the emirate’s industrial arena as well as offering a consolidation of the energy for building up centre for industries of the forthcoming time frame.

The Director General of Dubai Economy, Sami Al Qamzi, stated out further, “Dubai Industries & Exports will continue to facilitate industrial activity and exports and work collaboratively with all stakeholders to create a future-oriented regulatory framework for promoting an innovative and capable industry.”

The Crown Prince of Dubai as well as chairman of Emirate’s Executive Council, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, stated that the agency will also have a principal exertion to fascinate more domestic and foreign investment into Dubai’s industrial sector.

The transfer is in line with the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030 that objectives to make the emirate a global centre for knowledge-based, innovation-powered and sustainable industries.

Dubai Industries & Exports’ opportunity has now been prolonged amid the nation’s cumulative focus on industrialization and the requirement to co-ordinate with numerous authorities on policies, initiatives and services for industrial progress and export promotion.

The strategy embraces 67 creativities to lay the underpinning for future industry in Dubai and add Dh160 billion to the emirate’s gross domestic merchandize through to 2030.

The agency’s direct focus will be on meeting the post-pandemic requirements of industries and launching the forthcoming phase of Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, it stated.

The step is also part of UAE’s 10-year national industrial tactic to develop the industrial sector and intensification its GDP involvement from Dh133bn to Dh300bn by 2031.

The agency will also accelerate the diversification and global incorporation of local industry and endorse industrial happenings with high-added value. The UAE’s determined industrialization targets mean prospects for high-tech industries and small and medium enterprises to progress competencies in emerging disciplines such as research and development, clean energy, health care, biotech and space, stated Mr Al Qamzi.


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