Dynamic Technologies impact on the ever-changing landscape of Dubai


Dubai has emerged a clear winner in optimum utilization of the technological ware front to be touted as the fastest growing cities with vast, beautiful, unique landscapes over the past 30 years.

The technological front has evolved at a very rapid pace and has always shaped today’s ever-changing, fast-faster-fastest modern era. It also has a significant contribution to the structure and operation of our cities and their landscapes.

Technology is one of the key levers in the evolution added up with beautiful experiences, huge office, and residential landscapes. Dubai has always been one step ahead of the competition and has significant contributions to its exponential growth on the global real estate stage.

Dubai’s strategic location as well its’ growth is in recognition with bridging the gap as well hold essential diplomatic ties with major cities in Europe and the West, Asia to the East and India to the South. It is also the leading commercial destination serving the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and beyond.

Dubai is also recognized as a world hub for free trading commercial zones, precisely 26 in number and growing continuously can operate their businesses without the support of a local sponsor or a partner. It is in-house to a large amount of Small Economic zones as well which are also exempted from the taxes; thus, being touted the ‘Tax-free Paradise’ of the world.

The free zones were incorporated based on the concept of concentrating industries in the same business sector.

Few important examples include: Healthcare firms in Healthcare city, financial firms in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), and design companies in Dubai Design District.

As however, with the ever-growing landscape as well as real estate’s pivotal role to bring in a lot of evolution like synergizing and incorporating different, diverse spectre of Industries and as well provide job opportunities for a varied group ranging from lawyers to entrepreneurs, designers, musicians, doctors, Business Development Agents, etc.

Although the real estate boom and its’ role in this revolutionary concept hold the pivotal frame for a model business code of conduct, the prime matter lies in How Dubai’s technological advancement is a driving force to run commercial as well privatized basic setups with the help of human expertise.

The Dubai infrastructure has boosted up the plans of start-ups and small businesses that can’t often afford traditional office space in prime business areas. But the query lies is that enough for a vast landscape like Dubai City to sustain future technology upgrades? The answer to it is that only 50 percent has been achieved as there are many more start-ups and small-medium Enterprises that have to be given importance.

Government and private measures like this could only support Dubai city to be touted as ‘Best Technologically Equipped Nation’ globally. They are: –

•    Providing ample traditional office spaces with an exemption in taxes, minimalistic rent, and loosening of the visa procedures in strategic hubs, warehouses, etc in prime trade free zones.

•    Relaxation of work permits, visas and regulations to boost the landscape of Dubai and thereby witness a surge in economic growth of Emirates.

•    Issuance of more ‘Dual Licensed projects’ bridging as well break down the barriers between free zones and onshore businesses is on rising to operate onshore activities without any partnership. This will give a great psychological advantage in the growth of SME’s and Entrepreneurship firms.

•    The onus of creation of a sustainable, yet a dynamic ever-changing technological platform is the key to locate best talents and provide employability sources in a business.

•    This, in turn, would also ensure that we have recognized smart technology and diversify it with its optimum utilization to the brink and sustain the critical time frame with ease.

Dubai, in particular with the youngest, talented, technology adoption leaders have the major potential to embrace the ever-changing, dynamic technological landscape with the intention of optimal utilization of the entire human race and the business needs, thus leveraging best of Smart Technology.

No doubt that Dubai is one of the fastest growing technology hubs globally and it wants ultimately to reign as the superpower in the world, its digitalization culture is making it come true. By 2030, Dubai also wishes to be reigned as “Technological and Economic capital of the world.”