eCom Digital learning solutions empowers British Council’s Edge programme for budding girls


eCom Scotland had recently announced lending out a supportive role in form of their digital learning and assessment solutions for the services rendered by the British Council, offering out an appealing, engaging, contextually appropriate learning experience. Programme is Specially focussed for 13–19-year-old girls to upsurge their digitalized skills, as well as English language expertise.


As per eCom and British Council announcement, the programme is designed for out-of-school or socio-economically marginalized community girls. They are opting for the British Council’s English and Digital for Girls’ Education (EDGE) programme, that offers 210 hours of materials offering diverse access to English and digital skills as well as raising awareness of social issues.

The firm also added that it is being run in South Asia, as the programme objectives to funding adolescent girls to make more informed, independent life choices so they can contribute more for the welfare of the family, the economy, society.

Using bespoke materials, EDGE trains peer group leaders to simplify after-school clubs for girls within their communities. In these clubs, girls can discuss social issues, enhance their English proficiency, learn digital, other skills like that of the critical thinking, problem solving.

eCom also stated that it is focussed along with British Council for offering out peer-led programme digitally for curbing out the logistical hurdles involved in shipping paper-based resources to numerous locations, while simultaneously making significant financial savings.

EDGE Programme’s Advantages

As per the firm’s sources, till date, in excess of 14,000 girls have benefitted through EDGE and an impact study has shown that girls on this programme are competent for utilization of their personal agency for impacting their lives – with an illustration of girls being able to return to school, delay an early marriage or seek paid employment while staying in school as an outcome of the new skills they have gained.

It also benefitted around 1,200 peer leaders trained in three nations delivering around 531 clubs within their communities to 12,990 marginalised girls around Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

Viewpoint of Wendy Edie, eCom’s Managing Director regarding LMS

 “In choosing eCom’s eNetEnterprise as their learning management system (LMS) to delivery and monitor the EDGE programme, we believe the British Council can be confident that both the system and the eLearning content are fully accessible at any time, on whatever device the user chooses – regardless of their location,” stated Wendy Edie, eCom’s Managing Director.

She further stated that, “For users who don’t always have a secure, reliable connection to the internet, eNetEnterprise’s offline synchronising capability ensures those learners can still access the eLearning and participate in the programme in the same way as those using the system online. Learners can download content and upload assessment data while they’re connected but can consume the content offline, with tracking data cached until the device is back online.”

As per the eCom statement, their instructional designers have structured programme in such a way that it had empowered, as well as eased out adoption for programme’s 330 hours paper-backed content for offering out a path that prime objective is ensuring out appropriate as well as most effective learning system, alongside accomplishment of maximum learner engagement.

Press Release received on Mail from eCom Scotland


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