Experts predict that current crisis will support major businesses for spending on Digital Transformation


The current health-virus-economic concern has definitely wounded most of the businesses, however as per the expert’s views, it also has prompted them to opt in for much advanced technology like Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Data analytics, Cloud Computing and 5G for safeguarding the operations in near future.

As per the words stated by Pier Paolo Tamma, senior vice president and chief digital officer of Pirelli, “They are corely working in tandem with AI so as to optimize production, planning as well as surging the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales force in order to direct where demand will be generated.”

Companies that invested between digital equipment are managing the crisis higher than these so much have not, a virtual panel discussion at the Global Manufacturing as well as Industrialization Summit heard.

Mr Tamma stated that “The Italian tyre manufacturer’s digital change program has supplied such together with the records then insights according to modify plant potential and provide chains.”

John O’Shea, head regarding Business Intelligence and transformation at Dell Technologies, pronounced “that the crisis had highlighted the thriving importance about AI within the optimization about business operations. You have to gather greater insights the usage of science and hence you may higher prepare yourself for the future.”

Mr O’Shea pronounced digital infrastructure funding was additionally necessary because development.

“Nearly 46 percent regarding the world population has no net concretion … 5G science desire be crucial moving onward or we hold in accordance with secure compatible distribution.”

The amount spent on AI structures globally is anticipated in imitation of develop at an annual compounded rate on 28.4 percent beside closing year’s $37.5 billion (Dh137.7bn) after $97.9bn in 2023, in accordance in conformity with the International Data Corporation.

However, experts talked about a hefty digital partition should occur in case of the introduction about the technology is bumpy among in varied countries. Better co-ordination into governments and companies is required according to stop a widening of the divide, ensuing of a state of affairs where thriving nations are left behind, panelists stated.

Mr Tamma reported Pirelli has learnt treasured classes beside the pandemic so would help that treat along other crises between the future.

“This is an absolutely significant recreation changer to enhance the business as well as accommodation after what is occurring between the market.”

“What we hold learnt that year beside applying digital science is that we perform leverage the government regarding records extra according to fulfill higher decisions,” he said.

The third version of GMIS, an initiative with the aid of the UAE yet the UN’s Industrial Development Organization, used to be scheduled in conformity with be past among Hanover of April but is in modern times reception vicinity absolutely because about the outbreak. The first edition about GMIS was once departed at Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi within 2017, along more than 3,000 leaders out of government, commercial enterprise then temporal tribe between attendance.


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