For powering and bailing Small and Medium Enterprises, Saudi Arabia initiates $2.4bn stimulus package for mitigate the on-going crisis


Social Development Bank has conjointly created a Portfolio for Health Care, to boost capability at around 1,000 medical units.

Saudi Arabia’s Social Development Bank has introduced new initiatives to support tiny businesses and freelance entrepreneurs hit by the current on-going crisis.

As well due to surplus funding, at its backdrop it has offered a six-month grace amount to repay instalments, ranging from the start of April, 2020. The bank has conjointly created a Portfolio for Health Care, to fund around 1,500 medical units through raising their operational capability.

The bank has proclaimed to have sanctioned an overall package of SAR 9Bn ($2.4bn), per Saudi Arabia’s state News Agency (SPA) in response to the kingdom’s government decisions to support in the citizens, individuals and private sector establishments – out of which SAR 8bn ($2.1bn) are going to facilitate 6,000 businesses with finance and a recently created portfolio can specialise in corporations within the health-care sector.

An analyst of SPA stated: “The umbrella of the initiatives enclosed elastic and easier funding channels for the productive families and tiny freelance entrepreneurs, through the mediators of small funding, for six-months, ranging from last Apr, too.”

Further, the Kingdom has graciously allocated a SAR50bn amount to expedite the payment of dues to the private sector. This is added further from the already announced Government quota of SAR70bn of stimulus package announced in March for the boosting up of private sector amidst the lock-down to mitigate the losses due to current on-going crisis and for curbing down the affected sectors, individuals and Economy as a whole.

It was proclaimed on Friday that there are 24,097 confirmed cases of crisis affected patients within the kingdom, of which, 20,373 are active cases wherever the condition of patients is represented as “mostly stable”.


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