For the post-COVID-19 recovery, Innovation is the core ‘Weapon for Choice’ for the UAE

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Dr Ahmed Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of the State for the Entrepreneurship and SMEs was providing the core speech at the launch of AE Ministry of Economy and Ericsson’s Together Apart Hackathon.

Innovation as a “Weapon and core tool of choice” is vital for the UAE as the nation strives harder to amplify best entrepreneurship as well as welcoming launching of better Start-Ups, as stated by Dr Ahmed Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of State for Entrepreneurship and SMEs.

Dr Al Falasi was presenting a core note speech at UAE Ministry of Economy and Ericsson’s Together Apart Hackathon, that will be run via March 31st the forthcoming year and its core objective is to swiftly have a huge voyage towards better connected future, solving in a better manner the global hurdles.

He also stated, “Our objective is to engage and empower entrepreneurs to participate in the national economy, growing the sector’s contribution to GDP. This, in turn, helps establish an attractive environment for even more entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups and companies, but also for foreign investors and business. “Innovation is without a doubt our weapon of choice for this mission.”

Dr Al Falasi trusted that innovation and technology is the nation’s “best bet” to recuperate from the Covid-19 pandemic “robust than ever”. Dr Al Falasi also stated that, “Innovation thrives in the face of adversity. In fact, 85 percent of executives and tech companies today expect the pandemic to be one of the biggest opportunities for growth in the industry.”

The hackathon objectives to fascinate latest ideas and excite innovations, by appealing with a huge lot of innovators, disruptors and inspired individual of the UAE to figure technology-based resolutions aligned with the UAE vision 2021 showcasing the influence of 5G.

Cementing towards the global economic turbulence of 2008-09, he stated firms that they should have a sustained attention on innovation emerged robust. “They outpaced the market on an average by more than 30 percent and sustained to distribute fast-tracked progress for three-to-five years afterwards.

The federal government purposes to upsurge the influence of the SME sector to the national economy to around 60 percent this year, up from an appraised 54 percent in 2019. SMEs also donate to 95 percent of the firms in the nation and offer employment to 86 percent of the overall workforce in the non-oil private sector.

Participants in the hackathon will pursue to find innovative solutions in the six comprehensive themes of the UAE’s Vision 2021 – global class healthcare and wellbeing, initial rate education system: The comfort of learning and admittance to education – future of education; competitive knowledge and digital economy, sustainable environment and infrastructure, safe public and fair judiciary; and cohesive society and preserved identity transcending physical borders.

He further added that: “Our ambition compels us to rally innovators and bold dreamers and embrace avant-garde technologies. This is ultimately the objective of the UAE Vision, which aims to make the UAE among the best countries, in time for our 50th year anniversary.”

The hackathon is open to all proficient developers, programmers, designers, engineers, technopreneurs, university students and artistic individuals from all private and public establishments based in the UAE.


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