Hoffman Green Cement gets European patent for H-P2A tech

Hoffman Green Cement

Hoffman Green Cement technologies, a France-based green solution company has been granted a European patent for its H-P2A technology. The H-P2A (High Performance Alkaline Activation) is a geopolymer technology enabling low-carbon cements to be formulated, based on the co-products produced by industry, for the mortar and industrial adhesive markets.

Hoffman Green Cement has revealed that this is the second such patent after one in the US in 2020. 

Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, said, “As the decarbonization of the construction sector is a crucial challenge, notably in Europe, we are proud to announce the granting of a patent for our H-P2A technology for this region. In keeping with our innovation strategy, meeting this new milestone rewards all the investment and efforts undertaken since the Company’s creation in terms of protecting our intellectual property. The granting of this European patent will enable us to begin marketing this technology from 2022 in France and across Europe.”

As per reports, Hoffman’s H-P2A technology have the following characteristics:

  • Composition of cement produced using this technology: flash clay mixed with silicate and activators and superactivators specifically formulated by the Company;
  • A tensile strength on concrete of more than 25 MPa for H-P2A cement;
  • H-P2A cement is a two-component cement consisting of either an active powder and a liquid solution or a blend of two pastes mixed to obtain a fast-setting effect;
  • Perfectly compatible with existing production processes;
  • Intended for the formulators market for the manufacturing of 100% mineral, non-flammable and VOC (volatile organic compound)-free adhesives.



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