How UAE seeks future of AI through Think AI Campaign

UAE’s vision of Digitalized economy 2030 has now done wonders with announcement of new Think AI (Artificial Intelligence) drive which in turn would speed up adoption of Artificial Intelligence platform as well its essential utilisation in various core strategic sectors for the benefit of entire the Middle East.

According to the words quoted by Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, “Think AI will make governments realize the key potential in deployment of AI and the various positive impact as well revolutionizing the service sector as well other core sectors like Banking and Finance, Information Technology, Hospitality sector, Energy and many more.”

Moreover, he also stated that the Think AI innovative and unique campaign will help bring the best ideas amongst the top 100 Government and private sector experts employed in both local as well as International organisations all over Middle Eastern landscape.

In order to get a young and efficient trained brigade, Mr Olama also stated that “He in touch with Government officials have signed a partnership agreement with tech giant Dell to train and develop a batch of 500 Emirati Students under specialised AI training module to power gen next to better future.”

Mr Olama, also quoted that “UAE government is striving hard towards fasten up the pace of its overall adoption through both public-private partnerships and arranging round table conferences with AI industry experts in next few years.”

This roundtable conference would develop comprehensive dialogues and ideas to fuel up the Artificial Intelligence adoption in sectors like infrastructure, governance, legal legislation as well as police services to equip them to capture national and public threats.

The roundtable conferences would be held in five phases.

•  The first roundtable AI conference with brainstorming session would emphasise on building and develop a pool of Nationalized talents and as well attract Artificial intelligence experts to work commonly with technology educators, curriculum designers, consumers of AI talents and education pioneers to work upon new ideas and solutions that build a strong base for AI in the Arab world.

•  The second roundtable AI conference will operate upon a discussion on building mechanism on infrastructural development and tools for quicker, safer means of the adoption of AI in the United Arab Emirates and the entire Arab World.

• The third roundtable conference will discuss all possible ways to improve the trustability, acceptance of AI, maximum utilisation, possible threats (if any) as well regulate and design policies for safer and quicker adoption of AI across various sectors.

• The fourth roundtable conference will overlook the best in class infrastructure for Artificial Intelligence with government accelerators of Dubai. It will be one of its kind ever with the goal of identifying mechanisms for the government, the private sector, and tech start-ups to seamlessly collaborate around the AI agenda and the explicit journey they all will be part off for the future technology.

• The fifth and final roundtable conference would discuss plans and implementing AI with UAE national standards.

According to words quoted by Wasim Khan, Mena Advisory Leader, EY, “Artificial Intelligence is the most powerful and transformative technology and is a gift to human race with dynamic machine learning, cognitive computing as well as enhancing desired cognitive skill sets, data mining and enhanced triple core encrypted data security features to protect core data from being hacked or lost.” He also added that if the desired AI technology is harnessed in the right manner, it will prove to be a game changer especially for both governments as well as private businesses, start-ups etc.

Thus, UAE’s in contention to be known as ‘The next AI Hub of the world’ and the ‘largest AI utilizer amongst the Middle East and MENA regions.’