Huddl5 helps you in finding your co-bingers!


Huddl5 is a startup that connects people over their interests in video content. People can finally host and attend video watching and binge-watching sessions together be it movies, football matches, YouTube videos, or else.

Huddl5 is an app and a platform for people who are sick of watching YouTube and Netflix on their own and are looking for the right company to create binge parties!

The app allows the user to create and host events for watching any kind of videos (movies, sport matches, YouTube, etc.) and it allows for real-time interaction without the hassle of screen sharing.

Huddl5 is based in Pakistan and has joined FasterCapital to raise the capital needed. Huddle5 is currently raising $250K.

Huddl5 is founded by Wasim Akram.

Mr. Hesham Zreik, CEO of FasterCapital, commented on this partnership, “Our team is looking forward to helping Huddl5 raise the capital it needs and to matching it with the right funding sources.” Are you interested in investing in Huddl5? Please feel free to reach out to the founder Wasim Akram.


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