In GCC area for protection of Online Shoppers, Mastercard has rolled out the tokenization technology partnering with and FOO


The FinTech payments major Mastercard has currently, had ventured into a partnership with and FOO across UAE territory for rolling out tokenization technology.

The current ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic crisis has in far had a complete paradigm shift in the way shopping is performed. With the complete uncertain time period alongside lockdowns as well as continuing requirement for the physical distancing, for UAE alongside global consumers for gradually moving away from traditional cash and determining for a contact-free and digital payments experiences. It is also predicted that trend is going to stay back.

As per the Spending Pulse Report generated from global payments major Mastercard, more than half (54 percent) of UAE consumers have polled between April-July stated they believe decline in-store shopping will continue to be a trend due to the ease and flexibility that e-commerce provides. As per the recent report polled from Dubai Future Foundation emphasized that The UAE’s e-commerce industry is set to reach $63.8bn within 2023.

In latest, Mastercard has done partnership alongside and FOO in the UAE to roll out this technology. The overall growth for the E-commerce arena has also driven requirement for consumers for transacting with better ease as well as elasticity, while ensuring that the data remains protected.

The payments major Mastercard have introduced the ‘MDES for Merchants’ (M4M) offering in the UAE. The latest service utilizes the tokenisation technology to swifter up and streamline the purchase process online and in app, as well as for subscription-based and recurring payments like streaming music and video services, as well as paying utility bills.

Mastercard’s tokenisation technology also ensures as the cards consumers shop concerning file for consideration remain upon in conformity with date. Unlike bodily cards, community tokens slave not expire – when consumers receive a recent bodily card from their bank, their credentials are routinely updated, eliminating the hassle on re-entering theirs visiting card numbers. The latter technological know-how is also designed to protect safety of consumers yet merchants.

“Online purchasing has received giant fascination among the UAE, then it is integral because of merchants of whole sizes according to ensure that that are providing a convenient, exciting or impenetrable digital experience,” says Girish Nanda, country manager, UAE or Oman at Mastercard.

“We are protecting the pursuits over corporations or customers alike or building applied sciences so assure all digital transactions are trusted, proof and frictionless with the aid of enabling technologies kind of tokenisation yet leveraging our charge entry purposes with MPGS according to convey to them among market.”

Tokenisation encrypts purchaser information by means of changing card numbers along digital tokens. Every period a transaction is made online and including a mobile wallet, a unique attribute is tooled in conformity with fulfil the worth which ensures so much a consumer’s 16-digit visiting card range is not saved anywhere. This prevents unsuitable usage at somebody mean vicinity or offers additional security after minimise on-line fraud.

According to Kartik Taneja, EVP – chief about Payments at Mashreq Bank, tokenisation no longer solely enhances the security on visiting card bearer data, but also enables a “seamless checkout experience” for customers. “We are assured so this solutions intention assists in bettering customer have confidence namely nicely as much amplify the acceptance over digital exchange among the region.”

“ has been cause along Mastercard in accordance with announce progressive features then products up to expectation allow our retailers to seamlessly be given repayments or unbolt greater cost from each and every transaction,” says Sebastian Reis, EVP Global e-commerce at “We’ve seen an acceleration into the shift beyond offline according to on-line commerce between the UAE pushed by the pandemic. As such, the ecosystem requires constant innovation certain so tokenisation, according to assure so much shoppers or merchants are safe within an increasingly more digital world.”

Nanda provides up to expectation Mastercard stays performed to utilizes its science to enhance progressive digital solutions that are applicable to all users among a transforming digital landscape. “With developing cybersecurity risks into it pandemic, our focal point stays nonchalant concerning handing over the protected and impenetrable digital ride to that amount every transaction contributor needs in imitation of correctly yet securely adapt between a latter business environment.”


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