Investors who hit the jackpot with the Cryptocurrency are now also shifting towards the Real Estate Investment

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The target core group of investors who have hit jackpot or gold by turning rich with ample aid from the digitalized currencies are hugely investing within the Real Estate, and payment for that in Crypto is carried out via a licenced broker.

There is absolutely no doubt that with the ever-dynamic era that’s influenced by technology and the realm of Cryptocurrencies have triggered a shot up in their demand specifically in the real estate investments as the initial adopter investors have turned rich with the aid of digitalized currency wave that has begun to diversify their assets.

The Chief Executive Officer-strategy at Ellington Properties, Paula Wehbeh-Gambrell stated out that: “Initial-stage adopters of cryptocurrency have rapidly witnessed in their assets to upsurge, creating them multi-millionaires or “crypto-rich as we call them. Now, these people want to diversify and hence invest in properties whether it’s for them, a family home for their kids, or for purely investment purposes.”

She further endured that: “So that automatically opened up and impacted the real estate market because you had this new wealth that suddenly came up, specifically if you overview at the capital that was derived in from China, Switzerland or Poland for an illustration.”

Wehbeh-Gambrell further explained it out that: “The Chinese Investors who are also the one amongst the initial cryptocurrencies adopters who are upsurging and overviewing at the investment within the Dubai’s Property market. The Chinese investment within the nation’s Real Estate Arena has been on the upsurge within the past seven years.”

She also was prompt to notify that Cryptocurrencies have normally made property transactions to be carried out flexibly and with ease as well as swifter by curbing out the middle firms that process the payments, however, charge you a fee in the process. While most transactions are still finished the old created way, a few investors have begun to look to make purchases by converting cryptocurrency.

She further explained that: “If you are a real estate investor on a blockchain platform, and if you find a good real estate deal out there, it’s much quicker to be able to grab it rather than have to wait until the bank transfers the funds for you and go through that whole process. It becomes almost instant that you can transfer crypto from one person to the other.”

Wehbeh-Gambrell also pointed out further that, “Several real estate brokers in the UAE accept payment in cryptocurrencies if managed via the licensed brokers, and that the Ellington Properties has overseen such transactions following its partnership with a licensed broker.”

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the preceding year there was huge plummeting and that the Dubai’s Real Estate Market has been on constant recovery as the investor’s assurance with the fruitful rollout of the immunization drives.

She further added that: “I would say the residential real estate market in January and February has done better than the same period last year and this is at the level of Dubai in general, not just Ellington.”


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