ModaMore a startup that connects and supports luxury brands!


ModaMore is a startup based in the UAE and is raising $1000K in order to complete building and developing its platform.

ModaMore offers loyalty programs for luxury brands and creates a very connected community for them.

ModaMore has joined FasterCapital’s Technical Cofounder program and was accepted.

Through the program, ModaMore will get full technical and software support and will secure 50% of the funding needed for the technical development.

ModaMore was inspired by the founder’s; Mr. Mohamed Haykal, passion for luxury brands and products which he believes “don’t mean an expensive product or only people who can afford to pay for high price, the luxury is about value creation, selling a dream, a feeling, an experience incomparable to another.” The startup is offering connections, marketing support, and loyalty programs unprecedented in the market.

Mr. Hesham Zreik, CEO of FasterCapital, commented on this partnership, “We believe MoreMore will fill in a market gap in the MENA and UAE market and will connected global luxury markets and bring them closer to their customers.”

Learn more about FasterCapital by visiting the website Are you interested in investing in ModaMore? Please feel free to reach out to the founder Mohamed Haykal.


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