Post the COVID-19 blow out, UAE based Entrepreneurs have shifted their focus online for appealing more clients

As according to a GoDaddy survey, it stated that more than a third of entrepreneurs within the UAE territory, have upsurged their digitalized marketing progress.

As per the global website facilitator GoDaddy, stated that more than a third of entrepreneur base within the Middle East, specifically within the UAE have upsurged their digitalized marketing process in order to lure more clients, expand their base as they are viewing for shifting their prevailing businesses requirements within the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The GoDaddy’s 2020’s Entrepreneur survey depicted that minor trades within the UAE are quite swifter for adaption during the torrid time as observed within the preceding year 2020. Almost a third utilize their prevailing presence for selling the merchandize or services, while just 68 percent stated that they are assured of enduring the global Pandemic.

The survey considered the possessions the global pandemic has had on entrepreneurs and minor business owners in the UAE and displayed that most respondents intend to sell their products and services through social media platforms in 2021.

Selina Bieber, senior regional director for Turkey and MENA, GoDaddy stated: “The survey clearly shows the ways in which entrepreneurs and small business owners in the UAE have been impacted by the global pandemic, over the last year. “In line with current global trends, we have seen the shift towards having an online presence and the importance of the use of technology as a solution and a coping mechanism for these businesses, to stay active and engaged with customers.”

Seventy-four percent of entrepreneurs already had a company website, with three in five anticipating to shape one soon agreed the existing situations and clients’ feeling towards creation of more procurements online.

A third of the respondents stated that their core strategy is to establish up an official website for their commercial.

DIY Vs Skilled

The survey emphasized that 21 percent of respondents stated that, pre-pandemic, they accomplished the technology requirements of their business themselves. Twenty-eight percent stated they had a friend or a family member to perform it for them, while only less than a fifth had a web developer/professional accomplish their technology requirements.

Conclusions from the survey indicated that 75 percent of entrepreneurs and minor trades agree that the UAE is an excellent hub for minor trades while 84 percent consider digital version to be very or relatively significant towards achieving the UAE’s Vision 2021.

Eighty-six percent of entrepreneurs also ponder upon the workforce diversity to be very or relatively vital for their establishment while 46 percent agree that it is a portion of their business’s determination to positively impact the local community.

The survey also disclosed that nearly a half of the respondents decide that practicing business ethics and values is a foremost contributor to commercial success in the long term, with 94 percent having confidence in that commercial ethics and values are very or comparatively vital to their company/brand, in regard to how they operate within and while working with clients and vendors.

GoDaddy has a wider reach with around 20 million clients worldwide and benefits new trades come to name their idea, create a professional website, appeal clients and manage their work.


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