Riimex Group is developing a risk matrix supported by FasterCapital!


The Riimex Matrix is a predictive learning tool based on data analysis and correlation. It is highly adaptive, which is why it is suitable for a number of sectors: financial services; insurance; oil, gas, and energy; automotive; retail; pharmaceuticals; and other categories of business that require high-level data analysis and predictive intelligence. The objective of the Risk Matrix is to help businesses to manage their risks and performance at all levels (internal, external, regional, and global).

The startup has recently joined FasterCapital’s Tech Cofounder program and is planning to raise $245K. The program will help Riimex Group build the product and find the technical team needed with the right skill sets. FasterCapital will also cover 50% of the costs needed.

Sabine Nkolo Atangana says that the team at Riimex Group is looking forward to this collaboration with FasterCapital and that they are working hard on making taking the business to the next level.

Mr. Hesham Zreik, CEO of FasterCapital, says, “We will be glad to support Riiemx Group. Once the funding is attained, we believe we can move forward with.” 

Learn more about FasterCapital by visiting the website https://www.fastercapital.com/

Are you interested in investing in Riimex Group? Please feel free to reach out to investors@riimexgroup.com


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