July 22, 2024

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money-case-163495_1280_Public Domain Pictures_Pixabay
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hand-3085141_1280_If the Blockchain firm Ripple leaves US UAE to act as a potential hub for Ripple
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nathan-dumlao-oRKF_ZBJYGM-unsplash_What FinTechs could learn out from the Contactless Payments in long term
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cryptocurrency-3415066_1280_The most emerging Arena-Tokenized Economic Revolution
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ryan-miglinczy-02n9_v-d1yY-unsplash_Why Abu Dhabi is the New Hub for Crypto Currency
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CEO Alan Masarek to Retire at Year End; Current Board Chair Patrick Dennis Named CEO. Company Emphasizes Consistency in Strategic Direction and Commitment to Customers
Ahli United Bank - Egypt signs cooperation agreement with USAID's Business Egypt Program funded by USAID and implemented by DAI.
ADNOC and Nafis to create 13,500 new private sector jobs opportunities for UAE nationals by 2028.This new agreement will take the total private sector jobs created by ADNOC to 25,000 across its supply chain by 2028