Technology Leaders Accenture predicts that Gender Parity at the workplace will boost Global GDP level by $8 Trillion

Women have been a driving force despite being in a male-dominated workplace or society. In the modern era, there has been no sector or realm of an industry that remains unconquered by the leading Women globally.

According to a recent survey and report by the Technology Leaders Accenture, the Gender parity at a workplace has a mass potentiality to boost up the Global GDP by $8 trillion within the next decade.

This boost up will be built out around by increasing strong individual capabilities, innovating workforce performance, diversification of the roles/tasks and it, in turn, will rev up the operational as well organizational overall productivity standards.

They also stated that companies to achieve higher output or productivity must cultivate a mix of healthy flexible work culture along with the right balance of Gender parity between male and female counterparts as this would also have a positive effect over: –

•    The workforce will have more willingness to perform their roles, work stature with greater satisfaction.

•    It will also, in turn, have a positive impact on organizational performance and economic growth.

•    This culture of equality will also be able to diversify the business module and sustain during the economic slowdown.

•    The gender equality will also encourage harnessing best of the employee’s innovative capabilities, for their better growth in the near future and retain best in-house talents.

This report is being surveyed with more than 18,000 professionals from 27 countries. It also had an executive survey of more than 150 C-suite executives from eight countries.

He had also stated that with the more empowering workplace, innovation mindset score would be much higher. The report also found that Saudi Arabia workforce has a robust culture of equality.

A whopping 95 percent of the workforce agreed that innovation was very vital to business competitiveness. Accenture also reported that culture of equality is also a powerful driving force for change differentiating organizations, industry, region or tertiary wise.

However, the dampener was in terms of the sizable disconnect between Management and Workforce perceptions on gender parity as amongst 76 percent of senior officials being surveyed for innovation, and only paltry 42 percentage workforce agreed that it would bring change for the organization.

Accenture researchers also found that “Innovation Mindset” being stronger in fast emerging economies and region with high workforce productive growth. If the innovation mark is surged by just 10 percent in all industrial nations, global GDP would then surge up to $8 Trillion over the next ten years.