The all AI-Powered Chatbot Olivia launched by Dubai’s LIV Bank

Dubai-based LIV., lifestyle digital bank by Emirates NBD, as well the fastest growing bank across UAE, in partnership with US-based Kasisto, has successfully launched a unique, innovative and first of its kind an Artificial Intelligence and advanced robotic pyrotechnic chatbot Olivia.

With this launch, the Bank in a statement expects its customers to get the account information, insights on their overall spending, as well information regarding various transactions and that will be as simple as that of online texting to the peers, customer care or may be near and dear ones.

The launch of Olivia is like a feather in its cap as now the Liv. Bank customers can get a quick resolution on the various transactions, as well as account spending and ways to improve the savings and thus support them in longevity to plan, manage the finances in a better manner.

The chatbots are advanced pyrotechnic versions of both disruptive, yet highly efficient modern era technologies-The Artificial intelligence powered programmed humanoid robotic gadget, thus, designed in such a way that it can simulate human communication, allowing them to answer customer queries in a quick, and real time.

According to Jayesh Patel, head of Liv, “These virtual assistants in the form of Chatbots will play a significant part in the daily lives and also would power the Millennial customer base with an instant insight and receive information on the finances and spendthrift database.”

He also adds that “Their partnership with Kasisto supported their digitalization policy in the long run thus leveraging KAI’s agile platform that was having built-in banking expertise platform with equal compliments from feedback by its customers, for humanizing and imparting best training features to chatbot as a financial buddy to their customers.”

He also talked about the plans of “Highly dedicated for investing in and improvising, materialize the evolving Olivia’s functionalities to become more engaging and intuitive. This, in turn, will make Olivia learn, grasp and quickly develop, with the support of stronger affinity and relationship module of trust with the interactive customers, thus imbibing a cohesive environment with it.

This, in turn, will also succeed and contribute to the overall development and interactive instant solution to all the queries posted from the broad customer base.

As the chatbots become more widespread in banking and customer service space, the prediction from Gartner in the near future will power no less than 85 percent of customer interactions.

The chatbots will surely revolutionize the global banking arena in the near future and make humanoid interactions and dynamic financial solutions at just one touch possible. It would also in future support digital financial transactions a possibility.