TPay UAE based FinTech firm acquires PayGuru-Turkish Payment Service Provider in pursuit of landing its footprint in MENA

For the expansion pursuit, and amidst the current health-economic turmoil, Dubai, UAE headquartered Tpay-FinTech mobile payments firm has acquired for an undisclosed deal, Turkey headquartered PayGuru-a digital payment service provider with the contingent approval from Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) and the Competition Authority, thereby expanding its base to MENA having a global presence in over 24 nations transferring funds through 54 digital mobile channels and has a strong base of more than 580 million consumers.

The firm Tpay is a FinTech mobile payments firm supported by Middle East technology fund A15 and Africa-focused investment firm Helios Investment Partners. Its merchant partners can get admittance to after these patrons from 24 countries between the region, the optimal utilization of direct carrier billing (DCB), cell wallet, or cell money – entire about which are accessible via a singular integration.

Direct carrier billing, those whoever aren’t aware of, is a payment method that permits customers in conformity with edit purchases online then the payment is charged according to their smartphone bill.

Founded during 2014 as the advance originate cellular charge tribune on the region, Tpay Mobile used to be obtained with the aid of conduct African private investment consolidated Helios Investment Partner. The strong had acquired a Seventy-Six percentage stake into Tpay Mobile in 2018, growing a dragon exit for A15, the consolidated so had built it.

Tpay has, in the past, also acquired its Cairo-based antagonist DCB Egypt into 2017.

Sahar Salama, Founder or Chief Executive Officer of Tpay Mobile, stated that “Tpay Mobile is regarding an accelerated growth trajectory, and the achievement concerning PayGuru fast-tracks our vision in imitation of turn out to be the lead digital fee stage between the Middle East than Africa, guaranteeing an auspicious into category user experience, then supplying innovative purposes after our partners, yet also riding digital or pecuniary inclusion in our region.”

“This transaction extends our footprint within the region, continues our diversification within current commercial enterprise lines then also extensively strengthens our value-added capabilities application between the region. The partial yet global fintech sector is at a bend factor because growth, construction this the Felicitous era to acceptance Payguru of our fold,” she added.

Payguru, shaped in between 2015 and accordance after the statement, used to be the advanced cellular price business enterprise after receiving an authorization from the monetary regulator (in Turkey). It prescribes carrier billing via three cell community operators as well as bank switch and ATM repayments through eighth foremost banks. The Turkish company currently has a top 1300 retailers of its tribune yet processed atop thirteen lot transactions into the remaining 12 months.

Payguru’s co-founder and Chairman Işık Uman, commenting concerning the deal, stated, “We are proud according to have built a successful or profitable enterprise upon the last five years, as we have accomplished thru natural increase then no external investment. We are old after stay joining Tpay Mobile, an administration player among the region.”

According to following its LinkedIn page, Payguru has a group concerning 25 employees’ work because of it. It is not at once explicit proviso whole on to them; please be a part of Tpay, namely a result about the acquisition.

“The cohesion, including Tpay Mobile, opens a large eyelet over chance because of the export on our products backyard regarding our united states leveraging TPAY MOBILE’s arrival between MENA nations. This wish additionally delivers our regional retailers the opportunity in imitation of acquiring payments beside these modern countries, including a single integration over the Tpay Mobile/Payguru platform,” he added.

The fintech region within the MENA place is rising at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) regarding 30%, compared according to an 11% mixed compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) globally, according to the imitation of number research.


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