UAE ranked amongst the Top 10 most Positive Rated Economic Countries


Dubai has always continued positive economic reforms despite the recession and grumped financial crisis. It, in fact, is the only nation, which has seen a phenomenal rise in its GDP even though its core oil sector being hit by the impending slowdown and hike in the overall rates of oil and natural gas worldwide.

According to an annual global report published by Positive Economy Institute, UAE is ranked amongst the universal top 10 in the 8th position on the Positivity Index of Nations measuring the positive economic indicators.

According to report by state news agency WAM, despite the fact that the UAE was included in the index as a non-OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) country for the first time since its creation, has gone in for another milestone as it outperformed 27 out of the 34 OECD member countries, including The United Kingdom, The United States, France, and Australia.

The report added that Positivity Index of Nations measures: –

•    The positivity and motivational behavior of various countries towards future generations’ interests and wellbeing.

•    The Modes of programmes being conducted to bring in the positive concept for building the overall productivity of the Nation and building a well-cultured workforce to achieve optimal productivity and satisfaction curve.

•    It also checklist the countries’ positive impact on the global arena.

According to the report, UAE could achieve this unique feat of advanced ranking as a result of a high level of wellbeing by its people, their positive behaviour, their continuous striving on the forecasting about the future, their keeping up the pace with the variables, and judging and stabilizing opportunities and challenges in various vital sectors with limited available resources.

It also channelizes and tactically modulate programmes for future generations through Empowerment of Youths, analyze and build the talented pool of youths, upgrade their skills, and prepare them for futuristic and challenging situations as well provide proper monitoring and time by time motivating them for better future.

The most significant contribution for such turnaround is credited to rapid efforts in developing the education sector and a balanced sound system with satisfaction in both work and life, government’s efforts in empowering all societal elements, promotion of well-knit satisfactorily connective-ness amongst group members, and as well announcing 2019 as the Tolerance year.

UAE’s continued efforts in pioneering global climate change efforts and the development of sustainable energy solutions, and as well it stands out to be the world’s largest donor of official development assistance.

The Positivity Index of Nations uses three main dimensions, which are measured using 30 indicators.

The first dimension, Educate and Finance Future Generations :- 

It includes positive finance, real education, and real solidarity.

The second, Preparing Adequate Infrastructure for Future Generations : –

It includes positive resources and positive connections while

The third, Building a Consensus for Future Generations: –

It covers indicators of positive governance, positive dynamics, positive inclusion, and positive participation.