UAE’s telecom giant Etisalat launches first of its kind UAE’s smartphone vending machine in Abu Dhabi


What? A smartphone vending machine? Just unbelievable. Yes, it’s true. In the era marked by technological advancements like AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cloud and Blockchain tech platforms, IoT (Internet of things), UAE’s telecom giant Etisalat in association with ADNOC Distribution-leading fuel distributor and convenience store operator in UAE has launched first of its kind UAE’s smartphone vending machine in Abu Dhabi.

Vending machines have been predominantly life-changing invention, especially for those on the move constantly for years together. For illustration: – A quick bottle of water, chips, or readymade food amidst a considerable queue in a hotel or nearby store with just a push of a button can also save all our precious time.

In UAE, technological advancement is on such a higher note, that there one can get not just drinks, snacks to be handed out electronically. But it also delivers gold bars from a vending machine right at its heart Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace hotel and thus the visitors can take a little piece of the glitzy side of Abu Dhabi with them.

Now with the advent and launch of the unique and first of its kind smartphone vending machine that will allow the customers a 24/7 access with an overall net turnaround time of five to six minutes to buy around a brand new smartphone automatically without any hassle.

What’s even better on cards is that the smartphone users requiring an urgent sim card along with the brand new device, can also swiftly get access necessary goods via the Etisalat’s vending machines located across UAE.

The launch is a part of its first project and envisioned as well implemented with the support of two entities ensuring provisioning of high-quality services and in delivering enhanced customer experiences. According to a statement, “The first machine is available at the ADNOC Distribution service station located on the Abu Dhabi Corniche (No. 933).”

According to words stated by Sultan Mohamed Al Dhaheri, General Manager, Etisalat Abu Dhabi, said that “They are elated to be partnering along with ADNOC Distribution in this pilot project for promoting and making availability of Etisalat’s Mobile products as well the core services at prime locations across Abu Dhabi.”

He also added that “The launch of UAE’s first ever and global one of its kind all self-service vending machine at the ADNOC Distribution’s service station reaffirms the strong commitment to innovation and adopting the latest retail technologies for delivering the digital and seamless shopping experience for all our customers.”

He also stated that “Etisalat has always committed on creating a conclusive efficient and enhanced retailing environment providing access to all our customers for having a complete enriched experience.”

Eng. Saeed Mubarak Al Rashdi, Acting CEO, of ADNOC Distribution, stated, “They are always on the lookout for providing the most innovative services to all their customer base with the support of broad coverage in all national network of service stations. He also added that this vending machine would set the greatest example for newer fast track service being made available serving the requirements of today’s digitalized world.

He also added that the innovation criteria of serving customers are not limited to just filling up and running their vehicles with their fuel ranges. They also provide them with diversified business ranges as well experiencing future of retail, shopping at ease at their Géant Express and ADNOC Oasis stores, eating a wide range of products at their Oasis Café and utilizing a wide range of additional services from lube change to a car wash.

With the launching of innovative, unique, first of its kind concept of smartphone vending machine, a kind of retail additions welcoming customers at their service stations.

The procedure to own a smartphone is as simple and without any complications. What’s even surprising is the range of selected yet most popular handsets as well accessories of the smartphones running on both Android, IOS platforms are readily available in less than or equal to roundabout five to six minutes.

Procedure to own brand new smartphone: On prompted, the customer has to do the following of the simplest and coolest steps and within a short span, the smartphone will be all yours.

•    Touch the screen and insert one’s Emirates ID Card on the slot provided.

•    Check and verify thoroughly and cautiously personal information that gets displayed on the screen.

•    Enter and edit or modify one’s mobile number to be associated with the smartphone’s invoice for a further communication channel.

•    Select the particular smartphone brand/item according to its description displayed on the screen.

•    At last, select the “Mode of Payment,” and positive news is that it accepts both cash and card payments.

•    Once the procedure is over, it takes a few minutes for completing the final transaction and finally, at the end of the sale, the machine will automatically dispense the product along with receipt and invoice.

Indeed, UAE is all set to adhere to its Digitalization strategy in 2031 and is envisioning to become the technology hub of the world. This seems to be the perfect platform for it to attain this supremacy.