Virus Scare drives E-commerce giant Amazon to hire 1 Lakh workforce at an investment worth $350Mn as the online delivery demand sky rockets

The Ecommerce giant Amazon and as well its counterparts have given some respite and a positive news for the employment market against more impending threat from COVID-19 or Coronavirus as it plans to hire in excess of 1 Lakh workforce at a huge targeted investment worth $350Mn as to maintain balance between turbulence in the supply-chain management.

The global Ecommerce giant however has issued a cautioning statement to its global customer chain about the impending delivery delays due to mounting threat of Coronavirus disrupting supply chain management.

The firm and its other Ecommerce competitors are all facing the same turbulent music as there are huge spikes reported in receiving and final completion of its delivery orders thus creating a huge imbalance in the demand-supply chain curve.

Dave Clark, Amazon’s senior vice president of global markets and operations, wrote in the firm’s blog that “the spike in the current supply-demand curve has propelled advisory management for the initiation of organizing a global mass hiring drive providing access to in excess of 1 Lakh newer full and part-time positions across the US and will be cantered primarily across their fulfilment centres propelling and giving wings to their delivery network.”

Mr. Clark further added that “the new recruits will support the Ecommerce giant in meeting up the spiking in demand from “Mass population counting on Amazon’s service during this stressful time, particularly those most susceptible to being out in public.”

The firm will add an additional pay out of  $2 per hour during April from its current rate of $15 per hour or more. Within the UK it will further add additional pay out £2 per hour and approximately €2 per hour in many European Union countries.

“This commitment to strive to meet the excess demand-supply graph and met expectations of their consumers, the increased pay represents an investment of over $350m in increased compensation for hourly employees across the US, Europe and Canada,” said Mr Clark.

Amazon is witnessing an awesome demand from customers placing online orders for packed foods and household goods as they avoid congested supermarkets and stores. On Texas Independence Day , the corporate warned customers of delivery delays thanks to a backlog of orders.

As per the Bloomberg report, “Five employees, performing at Amazon’s warehouses in Spain and Italy, have contracted the coronavirus,. the corporate has been widely criticised by trade unions for keeping the facilities open and putting the security of its employees in danger.”

However, the firm also additionally stated that all employees diagnosed with coronavirus or placed into quarantine will receive up to 2 weeks of pay.

“This additional pay get through from work is to make sure employees have the time they have to return to healthiness without the fear of lost income. This is in addition to unlimited unpaid day off for all hourly employees starting from the end of March,” Amazon said during a statement. It has also established that the Amazon Relief Fund, with a $25m initial contribution, focused on supporting its independent delivery also as service partners, their drivers and seasonal employees under financial distress thanks to the coronavirus outbreak.

The company also temporarily has put on hold its fulfillment centre public tours, cancelled large events and altered the bulk of its job interviews to virtual interviews instead of in-person interviews, which frequently require travel. He further added that “All the delivery executives can additionally apply to receive a private grant from the Amazon Relief fund a sum of $400 to $5000 per person.”


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