WEG and Delta Delfini deliver complete solution for shrimp farm in Saudi Arabia


WEG´s Commercial Operation from Ecuador, has entered into a partnership with the Ecuadorian pump manufacturer Delta Delfini, for a shrimp farm project in Saudi Arabia. WEG is a Brazilian company with expertise in electric engineering,  power and automation technology. Delta Delfini is an Ecuadorian company that designs and assembles axial and mixed flow pumps, Francis and Pelton hydro turbines, industrial ventilation and refrigeration.

WEG´s scope of supply included 13 x W50, 480kW, 6 pole, frame size 400 electric motors; 13 electric panels with SSW06 soft-starters; a package for replacement; as well as a stand-by replacement motor.

Engineering and commercial teams of both Delta Delfini and WEG joined efforts to implement the project design to ensure proper operation of the equipment. All products were assembled and tested at the OEM’s site in Ecuador and then shipped directly to the end user job site in Saudi Arabia where they will be applied on pump stations. 

Each pump station includes special-painted WEG electric motors suitable to operate at 50°C ambient temperature. The project also includes two main and eleven secondary panels. Each panel includes a soft-starter, touch screen, PLC, Ethernet serial converter, safety and light buttons, guaranteeing the operability of the entire system. 

Upon installation on Internet access at the pumping station facilities, the end-user will enjoy the benefit of remotely monitoring each panel through WEG easy access touch screen. 

This project demonstrates WEG´s expertise and capability of providing state-of-the-art products and solutions for the most demanding applications as well as building long-lasting business partnerships with Delta Delfini. 



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