Within the Second quarter of this year in 2021, Global VC funding touches a record $157bn

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As per the KPMG report, it displayed out that FinTech was the core and the best popular segment amongst the Investors and also would continue to be so.

As per the fresh report compiled by ‘KPMG’s latest Venture Pulse Report’, overall cumulative venture capitalist investments garnered out a record huge contribution of $157.1 Billion that was capitalized across 7,687 deals within the Second quarter this year during 2021, powered in by huge valuations as well as surging passion amongst the investors for channelizing the Funds to swift-progressing firms.

Comparatively, it does a small comparison for $147.2Bn that was garnered across 8,557 deals within the initial quarter of this year. The KPMG’s head of the private enterprise amongst the Americas territory, Conor Moore stated out that; “Diversity was really the defining characteristic of the VC market globally in Q2 – from the countries where deals occurred to the different sectors that attracted investment. We even saw an increase in the percentage of funding coming from other types of investors making VC investments – including corporates and family offices. This diversity will likely keep VC investment quite strong heading into Q3, with FinTech likely to be a hot area of investment across all regions of the world.”

KPMG’s report also divulged that The FinTech marketplace was the superior and adjudged as the most popular segment amongst the Investors, while the health technology, BioTech, EdTech, Gaming as well as Food Delivery endured to fascinate noteworthy investment actions.

The Covid-19 Pandemic had triggered out a complete tech boost, upsurging demand for the Merchandize by FinTechs, Edtech (Education Technology), Food Technology, as well as the E-commerce start-ups as the clients switched out to digital channels following drive margins to battle the stretch of the virus.

The outcome was accomplished pivotally via funding rounds that amassed in excessive of $1Bn within eight nations that were involved for the core upsurge within the VC’s Investment within the particular time frame.

The America’s territory fascinated more than half, or $84.1Bn of the cumulative, with the US firms gathering $75.8Bn amongst this figure attained. VC investments in Europe skyrocketed for the sixth quarter in a row to $34bn, however, in Asia-Pacific there was a quarter-on-quarter slump down in funding to $42.8bn. However, India emerged as the bright spot, with firms fostering out a record $7.8bn during the period, the report stated out further.

Median deal sizes were also getting upsurged across core funding stages, be close to $2 million for seed stage rounds, $10m for Series A, $25m for Series B, $53m for Series C and $105m for Series D+ deals.

KPMG’s head of private enterprise for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Kevin Smith stated out that; “Some countries are beginning to emerge into the post-pandemic world.”

“Even as they do, there will be trends, both in the [business-to-consumer] and [business-to-business] spaces, that will stick – from people getting their groceries delivered to businesses recognising the importance of optimising their digital transformation. These areas will be likely to continue to attract VC investment in Q3 and beyond – and that in turn can spark new waves of investment in areas like cyber security and fraud protection.”

KPMG also stated further that the VC-backed out Exit worth touched a solid base of $221Bn within the second quarter during this year in 2021-that was second only to a record $314Bn reported within the initial quarter during this year.

While the health turbulence has fast-tracked digitization, many of these movements are anticipated to remain.


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