1,500 employment opportunities to be build up by Amazon in Saudi Arabia

Image Credit: - minimo labs/Pixabay.com

The Ecommerce giant Amazon in pursuit to build up in excess of 1,500 employment opportunities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the firm having plans of commencing construction of 11 new buildings across the kingdom, as it progresses to have its network to have a six fulfilment centres for housing merchandize as well as 13 distribution stations from wherein the parcels will be transported.

It already has three fulfilment centres within Riyadh as well as Jeddah.

The Middle East’s as well as North Africa’s Director of Operations, Prashant Saran stated that: “These new investments reiterate our commitment to Saudi Arabia, contributing to the local economy through the creation of new job opportunities.”

Mr Saran stated out that “Our investments in technology and infrastructure align with Saudi’s digital transformation goals, enabling world-class fulfilment offerings to our independent seller partners, and faster delivery on an expanded product selection to our customers.”

Saudi Arabia was graded sixth in Agility’s yearly Emerging Markets Logistics Index last month. According to the kingdom’s innermost investment agency, Invest Saudi, the Supply-chain market was prediction to touch 94 billion Saudi riyals ($25bn) the preceding year.

Amazon, which the preceding year enlarged net profit by 84 percent to $21.3bn as revenue nurtured 38 percent to $386.1bn, stated that its investment in the kingdom will upsurge its storage dimensions by 89 percent, covering a floor area of more than 80,000 square metres.

By the cease of this year, it will also upsurge its delivery coverage area in the kingdom by 58 percent. The firm launched its Amazon Prime service, which offers same day and next day delivery, in the kingdom in January.


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