February 25, 2024

Smartphone Insurance Plan launchpad by Emirates NBD-Dubai’s Banking Giant


AI, Quad camera, Pop-Up image sensor powered techno gizmos or Smartphones revs up our present and future. In this digital world, smartphones are the most utilised gadgets. From all customers to Millennials, a smartphone is a must without which our lives would just be sombre. Our day to day activities, then be it the entertainment, shopping or even our official schedulers, programmes, events etc are nowadays planned through a smartphone. Thus, it has become an integral part in our lives.

       This may look very strange, that our smartphones also sustain heavy damages during its utility and according to stats surveyed, nine amongst ten or ten on ten individuals have broken their smartphone screens at some point of time. As well, three out of five individuals may have accidentally slipped their smartphones on liquid thus damaging the screens as well key core components of smartphones and paid a hefty deal to get the smartphone replaced with newer ones or to get it under usable status.

       Hence to protect the growing smartphone consumer base, Dubai’s banking giant Emirates NBD group in joint partnership with RSA Insurance, and via Liv. App provides a paperless or e-platform to relieve the smartphone users of the general process involved post purchasing insurance for a smartphone.

      The Liv’s mobile insurance policy with its advanced pyrotechnic application platform offers its consumers instant and unique policy cover from time of policy and smartphone purchase on a whole digitalized platform thus providing a complete hassle free and relieved experience.

      This insurance cover/policy claim covers the devices till two years from the date of purchase of smartphone and it can be also renewed from Liv. App-as stated by Mr. Jayesh Patel, head of Liv.

      As quoted by David Harris, director – distribution at RSA Insurance, “They are already feeling proud to be associated with this unique project for UAE with Emirates NBD Bank to create the regions first of its kind digital insurance.”



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