May 26, 2024

Is Artificial Intelligence proving its mettle as the potential awaited Savior for the Vast Insurance Arena?


Thanks to its capability of automating and delivering greater levels of intelligence to explicit insurance and business processes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have gained somewhat of a reputation as a solution for the insurance industry. What’s more, with the assistance of AI, insurance companies can improve the general efficiency of their operations.

Insurers are looking towards AI during a bid to supply faster, better, and more efficient services to their customers. This also coincides with the increase of Insurtech, the utilization of technology innovation in insurance.

Insurance companies adopting AI to enhance their market standing gain competitive advantage as an entire. The insurance industry has for an extended time now been held back by its reluctance to innovate and adapt thanks to barriers of regulation, lengthy processes and merchandise complexity.

This suggests that insurance companies are now looking to manoeuvre far away from the normal legacy-based routine and adapting to an evolving marketplace. A marketplace where AI like Intelligent Automation (IA) is infiltrating systems and reworking business processes.

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With the dynamic and Swifter tech Savvy Consumers require to endure time-consuming bureaucratic processes that are often not even tailored to their special needs or demands when it involves applying for insurance policies. What’s more, the slow-paced nature of processes means delays in generating insurance renewals quotes will start to impact a firm’s ability to get revenue.

The insurance industry is one among the foremost regulated and oldest business service industries within the world. An industry built on trust and customer care that’s still reliant on the human touch by way of complicated, manual, and paper-based processes. this might explain the industry’s lack of adaptability and its reluctance to embrace digital innovation.

As an outcome of this, customer care, one among the most pillars that the industry has been built on, lacked much-needed quality for an extended time now. The sheer volume of business data, mainly comprised of unstructured data that must be processed and analysed, alongside the complex business rules that require to be followed, point towards a desperate need for improvement.

Time has now come for insurance companies to seem at ways to enhance their operational processes through technology innovation. AI has the capabilities to assist insurance practitioners to try to business much faster, more efficiently, and with greater security.

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This isn’t a surprise considering Intelligent Automation Platforms (IAPs) can analyse and process large amounts of unstructured data and sophisticated business contracts at a fraction of the time compared to traditional insurance processes.

IA does this two-fold; firstly, by process discovery, as this will help identify and ensure the feasibility of process automation opportunities, therefore optimising repetitive human-driven processes and achieving enterprise-wide scalability. Secondly, by way of identifying and seeking out clean, readily available data via straight-through processing.

Many insurance companies have started adopting and implementing various different AI technologies in their operational processes during a bid to not only improve their customer experience but also their bottom line. one among them is Intelligent Automation (IA), the holistic automation of business data of all types.

Many Insurers are looking to expedite renewal policy quotes with automation to realize faster and more customer centric results. IA can process large volumes of knowledge and make sure the generation of faster, and more accurate results. In fact, consistent with a recent McKinsey report, automation can reduce the value of insurance claims journeys by almost 30 percent. A number one HR consulting company used IA to enhance its processing speed by 70%.  

The corporate implemented the technology to manage large volumes of knowledge and supply optimised quotations to customers for brand spanking new policies and renewals. This successively cause higher customer renewals, a rise in customer acquisition rates and increased revenues.

IAs also can effectively eliminate the probabilities of delays occurring that would impact a firm’s revenue generation. IAs platforms built with powerful data ingestion modules can read printed and handwritten text scanned documents and pictures, signatures, and PDFs.

A patron of a social insurance provider used IA to abandon their pre-existing lengthy processing period for detailed documents. The technology managed to assist them eliminate manual tasks by 75% and increase the processing accuracy. More specifically, the IA platform not only helped process unstructured data that included handwritten fields, but also signatures and checkboxes within the policy documents.

This permits insurers to get more insurance renewal quotes in less time and with better quality. Faster, superior, and more tailor-made insurance renewal quotes will definitely improve rock bottom line also as customer retention and acquisition rates. Additionally, to the present, enterprises also will be ready to speed up workflows and unlock new revenue streams.

Crucially, integrated automation platforms can provide customers with the level of transparency not seen before, making it easier for patrons to interact with brokers and review insurance rates. Naturally, this level of customer experience will likely cause greater customer satisfaction and client retention.

For those companies within the insurance industry yet to explore the potential of AI, it’s now time to think about how they will set about investing within the technology. Identifying the precise needs for automation and implementing the proper AI tools will enable insurance companies to realize far greater operational efficiency and stronger revenue streams than ever before.



Thierry Nicault, Area Vice President and General Manager, Salesforce Middle East
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