June 14, 2024

An MoU signed between Dubai’s RTA alongside DANS for an all autonomous Air Vehicular Project providing special air corridor access to the Drones


Realizing a smarter Dubai city Dream of UAE Vision 2030, the MoU, an agreement of understanding between Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) alongside Dubai’s Air Navigation Services (DANS) has provided yet another step wherein smart vehicle whizz through its skies.

It also exchanges the expertise between government as well as semi-government entities sharing mutual trust and purposes.

This Tuesday, an official announcement was done between the two parties that also share and define safety as well as security protocols within aerial transport in the geographical perimeters of Dubai “through advanced technologies”.

With this MoU, it will thus provide an access for additional assistance relating to reviewing laws concerning to autonomous air vehicles.

Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of public transport agency and head of the autonomous air vehicle project team, RTA further stated that “By an active participation in specialist workshops held by both parties as well as their striving efforts within R&D as well as relevant field related innovations, this MoU proves as perfect launchpad in close observation as well as studying laws concerning to autonomous air vehicles and traffic due in long-run.”

Bahrozyan further added that “both the parties entering MoU have in turn pledged for facilitate all procedures as well as core sharing of data regarding the following: –

  • Specialist and advanced firms,
  • Test programmes,
  • As well as the provisions of take-off and landing sites for autonomous air vehicles among others.
  • The signing over the MoU is quantity about our efforts to aid the Dubai Self-Driving Transport Strategy aimed at remodelling 25% over aggregate operation trips among Dubai between self-sustaining journeys via 2030.
  • It also fits with their aim in conformity with enhance the integration over article transition skill and accumulate comfort to people via the expansion over smooth, swiftly as well as alternate transit means.”

Dubai has previously tested the global preceding self-flying taxi service with an MoU with SkyTran, a suspended transport systems developer, as part of its efforts to introduce driverless mobility in Dubai.

A video released back during 2017 indicates the independent taxi acceptance away in opposition to the amazing backdrop about the Dubai skyline or it is considered hovering above the city before touchdown securely at the equal spot.

Ibrahim Ahli, Deputy CEO at DANS, suggested the DANS would “harness its resources or abilities according to worship Dubai’s after approach of the field on smarter Air transport”.

“DANS has a progressive culture supported by means of a group on top air navigation experts, as assures the realization concerning our frequent goals along the RTA. Autonomous air traffic vehicles are a pivotal component on the vision concerning the UAE and Dubai will be engaging within this collaboration choice bolster their ability after anticipate the after requirements worldwide.”



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