February 27, 2024

A U-Shaped Recovery to be expected within 2022 for Global FDI flows


As according to Unctad, the overall global investments are expected to slump down by up to 40 percent this year from $1.5tn as witnessed during 2019. As according to the expert’s announcement regard the global investment outlook as on Tuesday stated that global foreign direct investment flows are all predicted in to face a slower U-Shaped recovery as in 2022 as it slows up the impact of COVID-19 regard the global economy.

The Experts stated at a Webinar systematized by the Islamic Development Bank Group as well as United Nations Council on Trade as well as Development that “the Foreign Direct investment globally is all estimated to slump down by further 5 to 10 percent within 2021 as COVID-19 diminishes investment outlook before gradual rebounding within 2022.”

The Director, investment as well as Enterprise Division, Unctad, ‘James Zhan’ that “the global FDI will be facing a U-Shaped recovery versus a V-shaped recovery estimated for global GDP as well as trade the forthcoming year. It is almost normal for a FDI to delay behind the nature of the investment cycle versus the universal commercial cycle. In an overall, the actual global investment outlook, GDP as well as trading remains hugely an uncertain phase as the recovery prospect hugely depend on the time frame of pandemic as well as the overall effectiveness of the policy-based response. It also gets furthermore affected by geopolitical conflicts, financial risks and trade tensions adding excessive uncertainty to it.”

The Developing or emerging nations have successfully weathered the storm relatively during the first half of this year, with an average slump down of 16 percent FDI inflow. As according to Unctad Data, Latin America as well as Africa took the huge hit within the Foreign investment while the Asian sub-continent too witnessed slump down in FDI inflow.

The global FDI inflows are all predicted to show a decreasing trend for up to 40 percent this fiscal year from $1.5Trillion within 2019, as according to Unctad, making it the initial time the global FDI to recede below $1trillion since 2005. The firm’s report stated that during October, the global FDI flows slumped to 49 percent annually to end at $399 Billion within the initial half within this year. The Developed economies witnessed huge falls, with the FDI reaching out to its lowest performance over the past decade at $98trillion, an annual slump down of around 75 percent all during first six months of this year.

The COVID-19 Pandemic, that has infected in excess of 55.5 Million individuals globally and that has taken in excess of 1.32 million lives, has tilted the global economy within its poorest ever recession since 1930s. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) expect global output to slump down further to 4.4 percent within this year and recovery rate will be very modest within the forthcoming year.

Mr Zhan told delegates at a webinar on Impact of Covid-19 on the Global Investment Outlook stated that: “The COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in a triple shock crippling in the supply, demand and policy. It had a severe impact on trade, global value chains and investment. The viewpoint for next two forthcoming years remains extremely uncertain.”

However, he also has voiced an optimism that FDI stock share of global GDP is more than 40 percent and Cited the illustration of developing nations, Mr Zhan said the share of their FDI stock over GDP is more than 30 percent. “They need to ensure to promote latest investment tools as well as recall and enable prevailing investment during the pandemic and in the instant future,” Mr Zhan added.

Meanwhile, the GDP of IsDB member countries is expected to decline 2 percent this year, with a noteworthy deterioration in present account balance and fiscal sustainability, Amadou Diallo, acting director general, global practices at IsDB, a multilateral development bank focused on Islamic finance, said.

Mr Diallo said the IsDB Group has devoted a funding package of $2.3bn to support its member nations’ economies. “We are serving member countries in mobilising outward resources and opening cheap short- and medium-term finance for the profit of the private sector,” he added.

Oussama Kaissi, chief executive, Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit, stated that: “The need to instrument lockdown procedures in numerous nations has given rise to in supply chain and trade flow commotions, further degenerated by many nations’ protectionists approach to trade.” “The perils associated with trade and investment have also been sensitive because of the pandemic. It has unfavorably affected appetite for risk across all industries. This will reverse the already somber growth in global investment in the preceding decade,” Mr. Kaissi told the webinar.



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