July 18, 2024

Development and Empowerment of UAEs dynamic and ever-expanding AI Economy


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has always acted as the most vital tool with respect to boosting up the sales figures, identification of the fraud, enhancement of client understanding, process related automation as well as in aiding with respect to the predictive analysis.

It has also emerged as the most standout trend-setter within the recent months to come by with the overall growth of implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies as the businesses thrive harder to get differentiated amongst their closest rivals.

International Data Corporations (IDCs) 2019 report estimated that MEAs spending budget with regards to AI would be reaching $374.2 Million within 2020 with a Compounded Annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19 percent for the 5-year term period from 2018-2023. Correspondingly, the latest firm formation enquiries within AI businesses reacts to this demand to have surged hugely-establishing of the Business Consultants that has witnessed near about 100 percent surge comparatively to the same time frame as observed the preceding year.

The time has come in for integration of AI within the systems as well as processes wherever it is possible, as well as UAE governments are pioneering their path with their UAEs 2031 Artificial Intelligence Strategy. Majority of the assistances are evidenced within its core objectives, that includes saving 50 percent of government’s annual costs, attacking in 190 million wasted hours per year based on varied transactions, and powering UAEs GDP by 35 percent. Overall, a better framework creates a better smarter as well as more competent future having a better equipped deal with future crisis.

Execution of Active AI Strategies: –

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is hugely an integral supporting tool and when wider stating, it can hugely attain robust sales figures, fraudulent identification, enhancement of clientele experience, as well as process automation, as well as assistance alongside expected analysis. The general consciousness of the potentials has augmented primarily in the medical, education, infrastructure, transportation, and energy industries. However, it’s only the matter of time before all businesses, irrespective of their scope and sector, will have to integrate some AI software elements into their operations.

Keeping it in mind, it’s essential to note that these innovations’ full probable aid can only be realised with effective implementation. Few of the current challenges to be aware of includes: –

  • Cost: – AI integration can save a momentous amount of finance in the long-term, but the preliminary investment and roll-out costs are huge. They include creating a suitable model, software installation, training, and the education of staff and clients. At a time when budgets are being clasped, this needs to be cautiously factored into cashflow forecasts and business planning.
  • Constructing trust and mutual cohesive confidence: -We’re still in the primary adoption phase, meaning AI-driven decision-making represents a large unknown for many people (but that’s why acting now can deliver a competitive edge). Until stakeholders understand the prospects and accuracy associated with machine learning, it can be rigid to convince them of its value. Organisations should invest in skill-building so staff feel more comfortable in the parameters and clearer about how AI will affect their role.
  • Data protection as well as security: -AI applications depend on a gigantic amount of data to learn and make intelligent decisions; this data is very frequently sensitive and personal. Establishments required to proceed with carefulness to keep AI systems safe and secure against data breaches/identity theft by working with a credible AI partner who can mitigate the risks and advise on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Governance and accountability: – Clear KPIs are vital in all ranges of a fruitful businesses, and performance pointers should be developed to assess the effectiveness of AI. AI governance is still catching up and we can expect to see clearer guidelines put in place as the market develops in 2021. Ultimately, there needs to be accountability around who is in control for AI within the organisation in both practical and ethical terms. Handover of the roles and tasks and designing a robust charter should be led by the CEO.

AI company set-up options: –

The UAE is at the head of technology, making it the perfect place for AI establishments to begin a native existence with several diverse setup options. It’s significant to get advice from the accurate experts to pilot the process and overcome any trials that might arise. For an illustration: – If an AI establishment requires to emphasis on a particular arena e.g. education or healthcare, then exterior approvals may be required.

Abu Dhabis Global Market (ADGM)

ADGM Free Zone is one of the most beautiful foremost licensing authorities for an AI establishment setup. Within the 2019, ADGM partnered with the London-based Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) to introduce its “Artificial Intelligence in Finance” programme. This objectives to upsurge AI knowledge and understanding of its influence on the native as well as the global financial services industry.

ADGM is recognised by banks and financial institutions universal. It provides wealth structuring flexibility, 100 percent foreign ownership and an exceedingly regulated operating environment governed by English Common Law. Entities can have a Superior purpose vehicle (SPV) establishment for holding IP, protecting trademarks and holding assets. There is a zero percent tax rate on income or profits (guaranteed for a long-period of 50 years) and a widespread network of double taxation treaties are available.

Dubai In Dubai, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, Dubai Silicon Oasis, and Dubai Internet City Free Zones, as well as mainland Dubai, are all respectable choices. Dependent on the shareholding and the number of shareholders, we would recommend on the most secure structure to take establishments into the future, support somewhat plans for an exit strategy and, maximum importantly, protect IP and assets.



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