July 20, 2024

Advanced Technology Investment, a perfect pathway for an exciting futuristic UAE’s digitalized make over as a digital hub

Advanced Technology Investment, a perfect pathway for an exciting futuristic UAE's digitalized make over as a digital hub
Advanced Technology Investment, a perfect pathway for an exciting futuristic UAE's digitalized make over as a digital hub

The nation is in the pursuit to enter within a post-oil era via diversification of the knowledge as well as a truly powered sustainable innovation led economic stature that establishes it as a global digitalized hub.

For the initial ever time in the digitalized age and modernized history, the humanity is in look out for more security within the realms of separation. There is absolutely not even a sparse of doubt that the global pandemic has left us banking upon social distancing and masks to safeguard ourselves from an unseen threat that may be lurking in any space and on any surface. And unlike ever before, and from nowhere in particular, the online world has suddenly raised its bar to turn as the most trusted and safe-heaven, turning us away from the dangers of the physical world.

The most significant lesson we’ve learned amid the stark hurdles of the preceding year is that our requirement to communicate with each other is an indispensable to our survival and well-being.

For humanity to prosper, we must accept the fact that our new reality necessitates communication with and through, everything around us: with each other, with our devices, and even between devices. And while the pandemic might have arranged waste to the old conventional ways of living and working to which we had full-fledged accustomed to, our fortitude to cope with it and evolve despite it, has shaped a significant new prospect.

At no other point in history has civilization had to step into the future. We have done tremendous progress in an extraordinary period of time and we now at a viewpoint at the verge of a full-fledged trade revolution that is restructuring our global economy.

So, where does our voyage to the future commences? In light of the global pandemic, it is indispensable to comprehend the trends that will rule our global scenario over the following decade. And for that, we must be stimulated by nations that have successfully succeeded the catastrophe, overcome immense hurdles and recognized prospects for growth and triumph. For us in the UAE, the answer is very simple: the future starts here.

The UAE has proved an unparalleled level of catastrophe management to emerge as a native and global force. It remains one of the principal nations on Covid-19 testing and is within the top five global in the percentage of citizens and inhabitants vaccinated, surpassing any of the G20 nations.

While conserving the health of its workforce, it has sustained to remain economically pulsating. So much so that at a time when the vast majority of the world was submerged in bidding to manage the catastrophe, the UAE became the first Arab nation to launch a probe to Mars.

Across each of the three prior industrial revolutions (steam, electricity and electronics), the straight impact has been a mass boosting in production. However, the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is banking on an arrangement of latest technologies, including the Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, blockchain and 5G to entirely convert the way industries, governments and society’s function. From transport to finance, food, energy, healthcare and education, 4IR technologies will participate communication through digitization to boost production and impact every aspect of our lives.

The buck doesn’t just stop here specifically with UAE as it visualizes with its vision 2030 to be the first complete digitalized nation. The UAE’s exceptional capability to steer through an unprecedented situation is the outcome of a vision 50 years in the creation.

Since its establishment in 1971, the nation has pursued to shape an advanced technological and industrial sector. Today, the industrial sector backs to about eight percent of the nation’s gross domestic product, operating as a model for emerging nations looking for the overall development of their industrial sector. And it didn’t stop there.

With the unveiling of a UAE Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the founding of a Ministry for Artificial Intelligence, the Emirates has reinforced its position as one of the most projecting universal destinations that can fascinate foreign direct investment in the advanced technologies sector.

Over the next 50 years, the nation is formulating to advance into the post-oil era by differentiating into a knowledge and sustainable innovation-driven economy, evolving as an industrial sector fortified by 4IR technologies.

The fourth edition of the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (#GMIS2021) will be apprehended alongside Expo Dubai under the theme of ‘Rewiring Societies: Repurposing Digitalisation for Prosperity’.

From its striving inauguration four years ago, the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit has assisted as a vocal podium and venue for heads of state, ministers, chief executives, technologists, academics and commerce leaders to segment their knowledge with the rest of the world.

By promoting the utilization of technology as an instrument for global co-operation, the summit has become a universal gathering place for better investment in competences, innovation and global skills development.

In addition, the young nation has made extraordinary advancement in progressing a number of specialized industries such as aviation, military, mining, renewable energy, and the information as well as the communication technology sector.

The #GMIS2021 will emphasize the vision for a future that is trusting on digitalization and connectivity, a future where our world cannot flourish without humans and machines synchronized in harmony.

In harmony with Expo Dubai’s theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, #GMIS2021 will inspire conversations that will shape a digitally inclusive, interconnected, and sustainable future for all.



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