May 29, 2024

Indian Real Estate Vs Dubai Real Estate-A review by Nischal Purushotham


By Nischal Purushotham

Nischal Purushotham is the CEO of a private limited company in India. Nischal is also working as a Business architect for various businesses across most of the business segments in India and abroad. He is also one of the well paid consultants in India, silently contributing to the success of multibillion turn over companies.

  • What do you feel about the present real estate market in India?

The Indian real estate market is not in good shape, at present considering all the profitable criteria’s for the developers and the customers. In this situation both the Developers and the customers are hit due to the covid-19 pandemic which itself brought a whole load of self collapsing situations in the industry.

But few developers are starting new projects in order to keep their stock pricing stable and to probably convince and confuse investors in preferably buying their company shares. This aspect has to be seriously taken up by the regulatory authority in order to avoid future backlash. The FDI which was permitted through automatic route also did not fare well for all its prevailing problems in document processing at government level.

  • How do you compare it with Dubai market?

Dubai market is entirely different when compare to the Indian real estate market in many aspects from investment to quality of infrastructure. Since Dubai is going to be the next startup hub of the world, the need for affordable and eco friendly infrastructure has pushed the Dubai government to take necessary steps in creating a profitable environment to the investors and developers.

The outlook looks positive even at times of variable crude oil pricing in the global market. His highness Sheikh Hamdam bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is working so hard to make Dubai as the next Techno hub of the world and I am confident that his efforts will be fruitful as early as possible. Considering this in place someday Dubai will rule the world as the world leader in technology export in turn making way for the real estate sector to boom in the region.

  • What is your investment plan at present in Dubai?

Few investors have approached me for investing in Dubai and we are looking at prospective business models. Approximately our investments may stand at 3 billion dollars in the first phase and later on with successive phases we will try investing more owing to the demand push.

  • Future of technology in the Real estate in the coming days?

Technology has already penetrated in the real estate segment a decade ago globally. But the fact of the matter is that there is too much of it, as they say “Too many chefs spoil the food “situation is exactly the same. Customers are not able to find that one technology which fits in all the aspect of customer requirement.

We hope that this aspect will be addressed with my Business plan for which the Architecture for the Real estate portal written by me will solve the existing vacuum. Few Multinational companies have approached me for the Business plan to associate with me, but I want to develop it on my own and bring it to the market. I am confident that Dubai will provide me a safe platform for my startup.

  • You had an offer to join one of the biggest real estate companies from middle east with a big pay check. Why did you reject the offer?

For the very simple reason. They knew my potential well, I knew it very well. So I thought I can do something better independently than just doing Good working for a good company. I did respect their offer and rejected it in a humble manner.

  • What aspects do you take into consideration when deciding on the business plans?

Few general considerations such as Load of investment, Expected returns, Market fluctuations, Consumer behavior data in business region and globally and finally the mindset of the investor.  And then I take appropriate decisions and see to that I make my decisions right.

  • Are you in the list of top 10 business architects in India?

For me I am on top. But I have not entered into any survey completion till now, nor wish to do it in future as well. Because I need my performance to speak rather than some survey doing it for me.

  • What is your opinion about International Business magazine?

International Business magazine has played a pivotal role in connecting many businesses across the world. It has helped companies and executives to show their performances on a global platform.

International business magazine is very selective of choosing business and individuals when publishing articles. Their voice has been reached to every nook and corner of the globe and has proved many business to be profitable with an increase of 15 -20 % of their annual turnovers. Their awards are a must deserving for any entrepreneur, I wish that someday.

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