July 18, 2024

Koning partners 11TEN and DocPanel expanding access to Breast CT

Koning Breast Computerized Tomography

Koning has announced a new partnership with 11TEN Innovation Partners and DocPanel. This strategic alliance will be used to bring Koning’s Breast Computerized Tomography (CT) to the masses through retail health channels. With the help of DocPanel, this new offering will allow for remote reading of scans and will assist in the growth and expansion of Breast CT as a comparable alternative to mammograms.

“DocPanel is honored to participate in providing subspecialty expertise to help patients with this innovative new breast imaging solution. It’s also an opportunity to help overcome the low compliance rate due to patients not wanting breast compression,” says Philip A. Templeton, M.D, FACR, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of DocPanel. 

According to Koning CEO, Lutao Ning, the company’s goal is to bring this technology to all women and provide ubiquitous access. “These partnerships will greatly accelerate our ability to deliver this care, especially for the half of the population that is not getting breast exams today,” he says.

11TEN Innovation Partners will also play a role in getting Koning’s Breast CT to the masses. “We are excited to bridge Koning’s novel technology with our innovation ecosystem to promote women’s healthcare and accelerate their path to market,” says James Lewis, 11TEN Innovation Partners CEO. “Healthcare access and equity are core pillars of our mission, and we believe that retail health companies play an integral role in bringing healthcare into community settings to achieve that mission.” Lewis also says that this partnership with Koning represents how 11TEN leverages a cross-industry ecosystem to accelerate high-performing startups and catalyze the adoption of new technologies to improve patients’ lives.




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